What Do Engine Names Stand For?

Ever wondered what those letters attached to your car mean? Or have you ever been in traffic and wondered what on earth is the difference between a CDTI and a TFSI? Well, in this blog we take a look at the meanings behind various engine names and what the acronyms stand for.

Alfa Romeo/Fiat

JTDM -  stands for Jet Turbo Diesel Multijet and is used It is a common rail direct injection turbodiesel engine by Italian manufacturers Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

TBi - TBi is the petrol turbo engine it stands for turbo benzina injection. Benzina is Italian for petrol.

You can find a JTDM and the TB engine in a GiuliaGiuliettaTipo among others.


Bluehdi - HDI stands for high-pressure direct injection and is essentially just their name for a turbodiesel. It's common in most CitroenDS, and Peugeot cars.


Most cars from the Volkswagen Group (VAG) (AudiSEATSkoda) share the same engine and more or less keep the same acronyms.

TFSI/TSI - TFSI stands for Turbo fuel stratified injection - essentially a petrol engine with a turbo.

TDI - TDI stands for turbocharged direction injection - a turbodiesel.


Dacia and Renault share the same technologies and platforms which includes engine technologies.

SCE - Smart control efficiency is the name for their economical petrol engines. There is no turbo present. Smaller hatchbacks such as Sandero and the Clio use SCE, among others.

TCE - Turbo Control Efficiency. This is the name of Renault’s turbocharged, economical petrol engines. TCE engines are present all throughout both ranges including the CapturDuster.

Blue DCI - DCI stands for diesel common rail injection - a diesel turbocharged engine.


Ford share their engines with a few manufacturers but keep the acronyms unique.

TDCi - Ford's Duratorq TDCi engines stands for turbo diesel common rail injection – a turbodiesel engine. A common engine used throughout the range including the Fiesta and Focus.


Honda builds unique engines and this translates into how they name them, too.

i-VTEC - VTEC stands for intelligent valve timing electronic control and can be a turbo and non-turbo petrol engine. A common engine found throughout the range including the Civic.

i-DTEC - this stands for intelligent diesel technology electronic control.



Hyundai and Kia share technologies and therefore naming standards for their engines.

GDI - A type of Hyundai "Gamma" engine. Gdi stands for gasoline direct injection and is used to describe Kia and Hyundai’s naturally aspirated petrol engine. Found in the i20 and up for Hyundai and the Kia Rio.

TGDI - Another of Hyundai's "Gamma" engines. TGDI stands for turbocharged gasoline direct injection and is Kia and Hyundai’s turbocharged petrol engine. You can find the TGDi in a Tucson and Kia Optima.

CRDi - A part of Hyundai's "U" engines. CRDI stands for common rail direct injection, usually paired with a turbocharger. Commong among most Hyundai and Kia models.


GSE - GSE is an engine made by the Fiat/Chrysler partnership and seen newer models of Fiat 500X and Jeeps such as the Renegade. It stands for Global Small Engine and is a naturally aspirated 1.0 3 cylinder indirect injected petrol engines.

Land Rover

ED4 - Land Rover's eD4 engine is the Ford TDCI engine rebadged and is Land Rover's 2WD turbo charged diesel engine. The 4 stands for the number of direct fuel injectors. One can assume that ED4 could stand for Economical Diesel (4). Most common in the Range Rover Evoque.

TD4 - The TD4 BMW-sourced4 engine is a more powerful and perhaps more rugged diesel engine. It stands for Turbo Diesel. Can be seen in the Discovery Sport among others.

Si4 - Si4 is Land Rover's 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. The "S" stands for sequential, the "i" presumably means injection and the 4 references the cylinders.

SDV6 – SDV6 stands for Sequential diesel V6 and is Land Rover's more powerful diesel engines typically found in the Range Rover SportRange Rover.

MG Motor UK

VTI - VTI means variable valve lift and timing injection and is MGs naturally aspirated and economical petrol engines. It's from the Rover K-Series and not the same engines as the PSA group although it is extremely similar.

TGI-Tech - TGI stands for Turbocharged gasoline injection and is MG's turbo petrol engine. It's a rebadged GDI engine.


DI-D - DI-D stands for Direct Injection diesel. Common in most models including the Outlander.


IG-T - IG stands for Injected Gasoline Turbo and is Nissan's economical petrol engine variant. It is the same engine as the TCe. Common in smaller Nissans such as the Micra.

DCI - DCI for Nissan is the same as Renault’s diesel common rail injection engine. Juke's make good use of this engine.

DiG-T - DiG-T stands for Direct Injection Gasoline Turbocharged and is Nissan’s more powerful but still economical petrol engines. Popular with Qashqais.


VVT-I - VVTi stands for variable valve timing-injection and is a common engine type for small petrol hatchbacks such as the Yaris.

D-4s - The D4-S engine is a Toyota GT86 specific engine which stands for Direct injected 4 cylinder swept displacement.


CDTi - CDTi stands for common rail diesel turbo injection and is common in most models such as AstraInisgnia and the Crossland X.

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