Why lease a Hyundai?

The Hyundai Motor Company is South Korean and was founded in 1967 in the beautiful city of Seoul. Together with Kia Motors, the company have sold over 7 million vehicles worldwide.

The Hyundai's general design concept comes from that of designer Thomas Burkle; the former designer of the BMW 3 Series and the BMW 6 Series which explains the Hyundai's strong, expensive outer body and the high-quality interiors. Recently the Hyundai range of cars has managed to gain some credibility in the car market, from both engineering and sporting accolades.

The factories and plants that Hyundai cars are built on are becoming more and more environmentally friendly, with their new i30 plant removing 1000 trees for safe-keeping and then planting them again once it was finished. As well as that Hyundai build their own robots that build their cars, so they can keep on adapting them to make them as efficient as possible, and they constantly work with local environmental experts so that they can improve the areas they use for the future.

In addition to that in order to ensure every single car that is produced is up to standard, each one is personally tested by an inspector before it leaves the plant. And they also test each car in extreme conditions such as searing 60 degrees Celcius to snow and ice.

So what's new this year?

The all-new Tucson 4x4 SUV is now available with best in class boot space of 513 litres and with the seats down can squeeze in 1503 litres, which is impressive. Other clever features on the Tucson are parking assistance, smart electric tailgate/boot, electric heated and ventilated seats and cruise control with speed limiter. There is a choice of 5 engines all with their own benefits, a 1.6-litre petrol engine with 132bhp and intelligent Stop & Go which automatically switches off the engine when you come to a stop and starts again at the press of the clutch pedal to help reduce fuel consumption even further.

Other engines include a 1.7 litre Diesel which can be with DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) which increases the horsepower on the normal 1.7-litre engine of 116bhp to 141bhp. Then there are 2 2.0-litre Diesel engines - one with 'high power' giving it 49 more horsepower than the normal 2.0-litre diesel which has 136bhp and intelligent Stop, Go. Overall, a fantastically engineered and well-detailed vehicle perfect for families or business uses.

Reasons to lease a Hyundai

Hyundai is a brand on the rise again, making some great cars packed with clever features as standard and for an affordable price in a bid to attract more custom. That means you'll be leasing a well-built car for a fraction of what it would cost to own, and that isn't much either. That also means that if you wanted some options added on to your car then you'll more than likely be able to do so, which will enhance the vehicles residual value so that you pay even less to lease it, whether for Business or Personal use. Visit our Personal leasing page to find out more.

Summarised below are some excellent reasons to lease a Hyundai car:

  • The new and updated range of models have some amazing and convenient features to make your day easier, such as the Tucson's Parking assistance, with rear sensors on SE model and automatic park assist on automatic model
  • The whole range is versatile enough to be able to fill any need such as a family car, a city car, or a car for Business leasing, such as fleet or company
  • The new models in the range have a great exterior design, with inside and out being hugely customisable to include your preferences whether simply on colour or the type of headlights that are on your car
  • The pricing for these cars is amazing value for money and not a deal you'll see on more popular manufacturers as these Hyundais come with so much included.

Have a browse around our wide range of Hyundai car leasing deals and use the tools provided on each model page to help you decide which Hyundai is right for your lifestyle or business needs. If you have any questions please feel free to call our team on 01565 880880, or alternatively, place an enquiry using the online form and our team will contact you shortly.