Why you should lease a Jaguar

Even Jaguar's entry-level car is an executive saloon which makes it an excellent choice for families and businesses but perhaps not for city driving. However, the biggest reason to choose Jaguar is its unapologetically luxury interiors and powerful engines. Jaguars also hold their value well which means the lease prices we have available are remarkably low giving you bang for your buck whether it's a personal lease or a business lease.

What is the best Jaguar to lease?

Like all manufacturers available on our website, there is no one Jaguar that is the ‘best', with each one having its own individual benefits. For example, if you are looking for an affordable Jaguar, then the cheapest we currently offer is the E-Pace, an SUV available in a variety of different specs, including a plug-in electric hybrid. If you are looking for something that is perfect for business car leasing, then the XF is a luxurious, sleek car that will impress you in every way. Jaguar offers a variety of models in so many shapes and sizes, with something for everyone. Check out our in-stock lease deals to see if you can get yourself a Jaguar in only four weeks!

Availability, delivery, maintenance, and warranty

Jaguar's stable of vehicles isn't vast like many others which leads to excellent availability across the board. All of our Jaguar deals come with free UK delivery and manufacturers warranty as standard. We also recommend taking a maintenance package for added convenience.

For more details on the Jaguar, warranty click here.

Models & body styles

  • Convertible
  • Coupe
  • Estate
  • Saloon