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In Stock Car Leasing

Some of our best deals are available on the lease cars in stock. Our vehicles have been ordered and confirmed with the factory, and have been given a specific factory order number. Stock offers are typically available from 4 to 12 weeks. We know that time can often be of the essence, and finding personal lease cars in stock can be difficult, but that's why we've created our stock deals, so you can find a brand new car quickly.

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Understanding In Stock Car Leasing

If you are looking to urgently lease a car and need a swift ordering process, then In Stock car leasing is just for you. Leasing a car with niche specifications can extend the process to give our dedicated team the time to find the best price for you, and for your car to be built to suit your needs. However, if the car you want is ready and raring to go, then it can take as little as four weeks for your car to arrive at your door.

Here at All Car Leasing®, we try our best to find in-stock car leasing deals within the UK, some of our best deals are available on the lease cars in stock right now! Give us a call at 01565 880 880 or email us at to find out if we can find in-stock cars tailored to your needs, whether it be personal or business, or check out the deals above to discover in stock car lease deals available right now.

What does ‘in stock’ mean?

In-stock car leasing means that the specific car you are enquiring about has already been made, as opposed to a ‘factory order’ (when the car needs to be built). If a car is out of stock, then you will need to wait a little longer for the car to be made.

What is in stock car lease/fast lease?

‘In Stock’ basically means ‘already made’. This means the car you are enquiring about has all of the necessary specifications and is pretty much waiting to be leased! A car that is already in stock makes the leasing process a faster, easier journey than it already is, and you’ll be behind the wheel of your dream car in only a few weeks!

How long does it take for stock cars to arrive?

If a car you are enquiring about is already in stock (you’ll be able to see ‘In Stock’ in the top left corner of the deal), then the process typically takes around four weeks, this includes a credit check, time for you to sign the required docs, and a two-week cooling-off period if your plans change. 

In-stock car lease deals are always coming and going, so it’s important to act fast if you need a car quickly.

Be sure to check out our special offers, your perfect car could be one click away.

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