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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I own the car at the end of the leasing agreement?

A. No - with a personal car hire agreement (PCH) and Business car hire agreement (BCH) then the car needs to be returned at the end of the lease agreement. As a default there is no option to purchase the vehicle.

Q. Is it cheaper to lease than to buy a car?

A. We have written a specific article on this question you can find that here

Q. What happens if the car needs to be repaired?

A. If the car has been in an accident then it is the same as any other situation as you would need to get in touch with your insurance. The insurance is the driver's responsibility.

If you are unfortunate enough to have your vehicle stolen or written off, there may be a shortfall between the value of the vehicle and the outstanding finance amount. In these circumstances, optional GAP insurance would cover the difference and would allow you to replace the vehicle without the burden of any shortfall.

Q. My car needs a service/new tyres/MOT! What do I do?

A. We offer a maintenance package that covers all of the above. In the event of an MOT, the car is new and doesn't need one!

Once you have taken delivery of your vehicle, our optional maintenance package takes the worry out of vehicle ownership. Maintenance is carried out at the main dealer of your choice leaving you in control of where and when. Most main dealers will offer a courtesy vehicle whilst yours is being serviced or repaired, but if you can't be without a vehicle you can arrange a relief vehicle as an optional part of the contract, available after 24, 36, or 48 hours.

Q. My car is having problems and needs repairs, what should I do?

A. In the unlikely event that your vehicle is having problems and needs repairs then your first port of call is to speak with your vehicle's manufacturer's local dealership to get it repaired or the finance company that owns the car. They will either repair the problems under warranty or explain how it can be done outside of warranty if that's the case. Each manufacturer has its own policies in regards to repairs on recurring problems. Unfortunately, All Car Leasing is unable to help in this situation as we don't own the car and we have no authority to be able to repair it on your behalf.

If you are unhappy with your dealership/manufacturer's stance on the matter we recommend speaking to your finance company ensuring you keep an accurate record of all dealings in relation to the matter.


Q. What if my car breaks down?

A. Most new vehicles have breakdown cover as part of the manufacturer's warranty. If it doesn't we can arrange optional cover through the AA, for additional peace of mind.

Q. I have bad credit, what do I do?

A. If you aren't sure what your credit status is then it would be best to check our leasing credit page as it has more in-depth information about having bad credit or general credit information.

As a default, we can not help individuals or businesses with bad credit.

Q. What documents do I need to take out a lease?

A. Details can be found on the required documents page

Q. Can I drive the car if the lease is in someone else's name?

A. Yes! If you are a parent or a partner etc and you would like others to be able to drive this is fine as long as the leaseholder is the main driver on the insurance. Provided they are fully insured there won't be a problem. However, we are not able to lease if the car will be used as a taxi, hired out, etc.

Q. How does vehicle collection work at the end of a lease?

A. It is the leaseholder's responsibility to arrange collection at the end of the contract with the finance company or dealership. All Car Leasing does not own the vehicle or have a collections department and unable to provide this service. Please view your contract with the finance company for specific details pertaining to your arrangement. We recommend arranging a suitable collection date at least a month before the end of the contract. 

For more information on what happens at the end of a lease click here.

Q. What does X word mean?

A. Take a look at our jargon buster page if you are unsure of some of the terminology.

Q. I am 18/only just passed my test, can I still lease?

A. Yep! As long as you have a valid full UK driving license it is fine.

Q. Do you take part ex-cars?

A. We have taken part in exchanges in the past, but there are some requirements (car must be in decent condition, etc) if this something you want to do mention it in the comments section of an inquiry or use the contact us form.

Q. Are your special deals permanent?

A. Unfortunately not, most of our special offers are quite time-sensitive and are limited in stock. If there is a special you like the look at is advisable to enquire as soon as possible.

Q. I am on JSA/Benefits/Student. Can I lease a car?

A. As a finance provider, we need to lend responsibly so we only lease to people or organisations that can show proof of income. If you can show us that you have a regular and permanent cash flow we can help, unfortunately, we would not be able to lease to individuals on JSA, benefits, or students.

Q. Do you deliver nationwide?

A. Yes, although we are based in Mobberley, Cheshire we offer car lease deals all over the UK including Northern Ireland. Delivery is free of charge to anywhere within the mainland UK however deliveries to Northern Ireland we can arrange for the car to be transferred to an Irish port but this will incur additional charges. 

Q. I have personalised registration plates? Can I use them?

A. Yes! But there are a few steps to make it easier. We've covered it here.

Q. Do you have a forecourt? Can I come and see the cars?

A. We source our cars from dealers so unfortunately, we do not have a forecourt.

Q. Does insurance come included in the car leasing deal?

A. Yes, as long as you take out our Total Care car leasing deals with an insurance product.

Q. What is a factory order?

A. A factory order is when the car is built to your specifications by the manufacturer. A factory order would be necessary if the car is out of stock or you are asking for something very specific.

Q. Where can I find the terms and conditions?

A. You can find them here.

Q. Where can I find the privacy policy?

A. You can find our privacy policy here

Q. What happens at the end of the contract?

A. Typically, the car is handed back to the finance company and you are free to start fresh or move on elsewhere. There is no default option to purchase the car or extend the contract. You can find more details about that here.

Q. When is the initial payment taken?

A. The initial payments are usually taken 1-3 weeks after delivery but we can not give an exact date. The time taken to take the initial payment differs from the finance company to the finance company and customer to customer. We advise assuming it could take up to a month to be on the safe side.

Find more about this here.

Q. Who are the payments made to?

A. The document fee is paid to All Car Leasing. The initial payment and all subsequent payments are made to the finance company.

Any questions related to the finance agreement should always be directed to the finance company. 


Q. What happens if I go over my mileage?

A. If you find yourself going over your contractual mileage you will be charged on a pence per mile basis and billed once the car has returned.

Read more about car leasing and mileages here.


Q. Who is the registered keeper of a lease car?

A. The customer is the registered keeper and the finance company will be the owner.

You can learn more about registered keepers of lease cars here.

Q. Is road tax included in car lease?

A. Yes, a road fund license is included in the lease.

Find out more about the road fund license being included here.

If you'd like to learn more about what road tax pays for click here.

Q. What are my cancellation rights?

A. You can read all about your rights and obligations in our cancellation guide here.

Q. Can you smoke in a lease car?

A. You can read about our guide to smoking in a lease car here.