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Convertible Car Leasing

Convertibles are a fun style of car that allows the driver or passenger to fold back or remove the roof of the car, this lets you feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin or the fresh air on an autumn evening drive. Often mocked for the two days of summer Britain gets each year, in reality, convertible owners and drivers are the envy of the road during the warm summer months and occasional clear sky. With no roof, windows or pillars obstructing their view they can really enjoy the experience.

What is a convertible?

Often confused with coupes and roadsters, a convertible as described in our car body type names blog is a car with a retractable roof, this is typically an automatic mechanism today with some lightweight vehicles opting for a manual release and push design, all of our current convertible leasing deals are coupes also known as 2-door vehicles.

Benefits of leasing a convertible

Part of owning a convertible is standing out from the crowd and that means turning heads, nothing turns heads more than a new vehicle and when you take a personal lease from All Car Leasing we only deal with new vehicles guaranteeing you a new car for your drive. Along with the benefits of lowering the roof, convertibles are typically more rigid than the hardtop counterparts due to the reinforcement required. Costs for convertibles are also typically more than conventional coupes which also make a convertible more exclusive.

Types of convertible


Convertibles come in a variety of sizes from the small city car to the much bigger SUV, compact convertibles are typically hatchbacks or family cars that have an addition boot length to fit the collapsed roof, similar to the cars below.

Mini Convertible

Mini is part of the BMW and has become a modern success since its rebirth, the Mini has evolved dramatically from its original design including the Mini convertible a soft top hatchback that uses a collapsing roof folded on top of the boot to give the convertible experience, the window division, front and rear glass also roll down completely giving a full 360 degree panoramic view.

Get a quote on a Mini Convertible lease.

Audi A3

Currently, only available as either a fastback, saloon or cabriolet, the Audi A3 looks very different depending on the body style you choose. The convertible uses a Z fold roof that is hidden in the boot when down. Another soft top with a 2 2 seat arrangement.

Visit the Audi A3 Convertible lease page.

Large Convertible

As already mentioned convertibles are more exclusive, this is the same with luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW. The desire for a large convertible has grown in recent years becoming more popular with both men and women.

Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet

One of the most popular convertibles leased over the past few years the size of the C Class Cabriolet gives the additional comfort expected from a luxury brand, the speed of the folding rood along with the quietness of the cabin with the roof up contribute to the premium feeling only achievable from a brand like Mercedes-Benz.

All of our latest C Class Convertible lease offers.

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