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Car Lease Deals of the Week

Posted on February 17th, 2017

This week we’ve been shopping around to get get some fabulous deals for you. We’ve got some super spacious SUV’s complete with infotainment systems and optional extras, as well as a majestic Mini deal with Chili Pack as standard.

Volkswagen Tiguan Estate 1.4 TSi BMT 150 S 5dr

Rule the roads with this tough looking SUV that’s just as big on comfort. Our Volkswagen Tiguan Estate is currently one of our many hot deals with the perfect price tag of contract hire starting from just £180.72 per month; this is a lot of car for the price.

The Volkswagen Tiguan’s carefully crafted cabin creates a roomy interior with a lovely lofty roof and beautifully broad and comfortable seats. This SUV boasts plenty of leg room in both the front and back seats. Inside offers a wealth of optional and extra goodies to get your hands on, so you can customise your Volkswagen Tiguan as you like with a range of entertainment and connectivity packages available.

 Perfectly precise steering and a good firm suspension lends itself to  fantastic handling. Team this handling with the comfort and high reliability of the Volkswagen Tiguan’s and neve ending entertainment features including a DAB Digital radio and 8 speakers – this one is in at top of the charts.

Mini Hatchback 1.5 Cooper 3dr [Chili Pack]

This hot Mini Hatchback auto lease deal is inclusive of the Chili Pack which adds a super sleek and futuristic feel to your vehicle. The Chili Pack peppers this Mini Hatchback with futuristic features. The Chili Pack includes an upgrade in upholstery with a much sportier aesthetic appeal. The lights have also seen a make-over in the Chili Pack with the addition of luminous LED headlights and LED fog lights.  

Bluetooth function and USB audio are as standard in this model, but there is also a range of far out futuristic optional extras such as the conveniently placed Mini Head up display and Mini navigation system.This model is designed for style and comfort, and with car lease deals starting from just £128.58 per month the Mini Hatchback with Chili Pack is a totally affordable cheap leasing deal. Why not contact our team at All Car Leasing to enquire about the options available for you on this model.

Volvo Xc60 Diesel Estate D4 [190] R DESIGN Nav 5dr

We’ve got yet another fabulously cheap car leasing deal available for you with deals on the Volvo Xc60 starting from just £216.09. The Volvo Xc60 IS the perfect SUV for busy family life with a range of optional extras to match your perfect car leasing deal.

Features such as the Active TFT Crystal Display, Information Centre and Volkswagen’s Intelligent Driver Information System make this SUV perfect for for trekking around town; and because life is an adventure this SUV also has some fantastic features for longer journeys out of town. The interior of the Volvo Xc60 is perfect for long journeys, complete with infotainment systems with DAB radio, Bluetooth and music streaming features as standard; all of which can be controlled from the steering wheel mounted remote controls.

The steering is certainly responsive and ideal for long stretches of motorway driving, but the standard suspension in this vehicle welcomes most common types of terrain meaning this vehicle is also a dream to drive on family trips away. Another appealing aspect of this vehicle gained a full 5 stars in crash tests, making this vehicle a safe choice.

Skoda Yeti Outdoor Estate 1.4 TSI Laurin + Klement 4×4 5dr

If you love SUVs then you’re spoiled for choice because we’ve got another great SUV car leasing deal. Car lease deals start on the Skoda Yeti Estate from just £137.29. The rugged outdoorsy design of the Skoda Yeti Outdoor Estate makes this vehicle very versatile indeed; this car can handle some tough terrains with a lovely low bumper and sturdy stance.

When you’re out of town in the country, gliding down country lanes, feel the fresh air on your face with the broad panoramic sunroof with tinted glass. However, this car has terrific town features too such as folding mirrors for small parking spaces.

If you want to know more about our cheap car leasing deals of the week, then feel free to give our All Car Leasing team a call on 01565 880880, or visit our home page to enquire about our current deals here.

Citroen C3 from £109.15

Posted on February 16th, 2017

Citroen C3 Supermini

The Citroen C3 is a lot of car for a little budget. The C3 takes the city car to a new level, the car has maintained its round body and curved arches giving minimum impact from the columns inside the car. Drivers will notice the textured grip and functional shape of the steering wheel giving the driver control even in the bends.

Cheap C3 leasing

The internal trip and media screen is big enough to give a clear and bright display making reading it quick and easy. The audio can be controlled from the steering wheel mount, swapping between RDS stereo radio, CD or mp3 via the aux input. All of which can be heard from the 4 as standard speakers. The car’s equipment continues with the electric front windows and door mirrors.

Safety is paramount in modern cars, which is why the Citroen C3 comes with ABS / EBD and EBA brakes as standard to help you stop. The laminated front windscreen with front lateral airbags. The driver and front passenger also have pyrotechnically pre-tensioned front seatbelts.

The C3 also comes with a full-size spare if you ever need it.

Power and performance

For a city car, the C3 doesn’t get left behind with an extra urban mpg of 74.3 from the 50-litre fuel tank and standard CO2 emissions of 99g/km the car will save your wallet after leasing too. 0-60 takes 14.2 seconds with the 68 BHP engine. The Citroen will top out at 101 mph but in a car this stunning, slow city roads are perfect to be seen.Citroen C3 style

The C3 supermini is spacious on the inside without the extra inches to the size outside. Standing a little over 1.5 metres tall and 1.7 metres wide the car is agile for those tight parking spaces and nipping through the city streets. There isn’t anything lost in the length either under 4 metres, with plenty of boot space, 300 litres enough to fit all the shopping. If more space in the back is required the rear seats lay down in a 1/3 to 2/3 to increase to a massive 1121 litres of storage.

As standard, the front and rear bumpers are colour matched to the body for a solid one colour finish. Optional extras include metallic paint for a deep shine, blind spot monitoring to help you spot those hidden dangers. Lane warning and a reversing camera can also be fitted to keep you driving and parking straight. The latest tech to keeps the Citroen C3 drives alert is the coffee break system designed to help drivers maintain optimal driving focus every 2 hours of driving at 40mph will suggest the driver takes a short break.

Our Offer

Leasing the C3 for four years paying six months upfront and 10,000 yearly mileage costs as little as £142.29 ex VAT. To choose your car leasing options click here, or call the All Car Leasing team on 01565 880880. You can also visit our home page to enquire about our current deals here.

Citroen leasing

Throwback Thursday – Ode to the Vauxhall

Posted on February 16th, 2017

In light of recent headlines with Vauxhall and with change afoot, we decided that it’s time to celebrate the history of the history of Vauxhall this throwback Thursday at a cornerstone of the brand’s history. Here is our ode to our favourite few classic Vauxhalls, from past to present.

First up is the post war boom Vauxhall Wyvern E 1951. The first thing we notice about this model is the unusual sloping shape that catches our eye. Another quirky feature of this vehicle may be the chrome bars which adorn the front bumper, certainly a feature that stood out for its time. This model proved popular and continued through until 1957. With only around 100 left from the 5315 that were produced, it’s fair to say that this model also somewhat of a rarity.

Terimakasih0 / Pixibay

Now, our next classic Vauxhall has that classic US late 1950’s feel: Vauxhall Velox and Cresta PA, 1957 – 1962. Upon first glance these wheels conjure images in our mind of teddy boys pulling up outside 1950’s diners. This one’s certainly a nod to popular culture, like it came straight out of Greace. The impressive fins on the tail represent speed and style, this was a feature of this car that was sure to impress. Another flashy feature of this car is the chrome strips which hug the outer perimeter of the windows and the outer flanks of the car. This chrome theme cascades down to the chrome laden front bumper which is true to the US American style of the time. With an 85.5% MOT pass rate today, it might be time to dig out the old hair gel or rollers and unleash your inner teddy boy or Pink Lady – that’s if you can get your hands on one of these rare gems with only 317 left.

Weeghdesign / Flickr

From diners and drive in movie theatres to early 1960’s family life. Vauxhall created a more practical model which became a popular family car of its time. The chrome on the front bumper is reminiscent of the statement chrome found on the Velox and Cresta PA. However the chrome bumper of the Vauxhall Victor is far more gentile and understated by nature. Jumping forwards in time to the mid 1960’s and we see the introduction of the Vauxhall Victor FC, which became available in 1964. The redesign, in keeping with Vauxhall’s family car policy of regular redesign, proved popular with less bulky body and sleeker style. There’s far more boot space in this version too, with Victor 101 offering the most boot space. This model also comes with 76bhp and 85bhp in the sporting Victor.

Late 1970’s to the mid 1980’s saw the introduction of the Vauxhall Royale. This model brought a massive increase in bhp power to 180bhp and a top speed of 130mph. Over all, the comfortable interiors with great driving position with the new and improved specifications, certainly won us over. Despite the fact that the Vauxhall Royale was certainly not a fashionable choice, this was still a breakthrough for Vauxhall. With thanks to the major improvements to this model, Vauxhall saw a huge increase of sales and popularity.

Al Walter / Flickr

During the 1990’s and even to this day, the streets were alive with Astras. Everywhere we turned, whether that’s down Cul-de-sac or country lanes, we saw an Astra. A decade on this generation of Astra is still a popular choice for many. They ranged from family run arounds to the more luxurious hatch models.

Bringing you back up to date with All Car Leasing, we have a variety of Vauxhall offers starting from just £114.47 for the savvy city car, the Vauxhall Viva Hatchback. The cool compactness of this vehicle is ideal for city life and the interior perfectly complements the busy city lifestyle for which it was designed. Inside you will find climate control, heated seats as well as the R4.0 Intellilink system with touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity to keep you connected and entertained on the move.

We wonder what the future has in store for Vauxhall with the possibility of a take over from Peugeot, only time will tell. Recent developments may create uncertain times ahead for the future of Vauxhall. Will the takeover result in a watered down version of this brand with so much culture running through its veins? Or, will the takeover breathe a new lease of life and a fresh, modern perspective into Vauxhall? We certainly hope it’s the latter.

If you want to know more about the great deals available on our variety of Vauxhalls, then feel free to give our All Car Leasing team a call on 01565 880880, or visit our home page to enquire about our current deals here.

Mercedes A Class from £159.02

Posted on February 15th, 2017

The Mercedes’s A Class is perhaps the ultimate premium hatchback with an executive feel. From the exterior to the interior, the A-Class is design for style and convenience at its best. Currently we have a reduced lease on our Mercedes-Benz A Class Hatchback A160 SE 5dr with deals starting from just £159.02 per month.

This new model of the Mercedes A Class is the facelifted version of its predecessor. The combination of the bolder front grill and the lovely low roof, scream sport and style. However the sports style starts with the striking twin spoke alloy wheels. As well as sporty looks, this A-Class is also amazing to drive. Stay in control of your drive with immediately available agility sports suspension as standard in every model and Dynamic Select System. The Dynamic Select System which is featured as standard in the Mercedes A Class. Choose from a variety of drive options including Eco, Comfort and Sport. So whether business takes your trawling through tough terrains and country lanes, or coasting down miles of motorways, the Mercedes A Class will get you there with ease and in style with the Dynamic Select System and honed handling.

The interior of the Mercedes A Class boasts executive luxury. Amazingly soft artico leather upholstery hugs the broad and comfortable seats. The spacious front seats of the Mercedes make for comfortable commutes and are perfect for passengers and drivers, the seats are also effortlessly adjustable by design. The boot is the perfect size for business travellers, however for those weekends away, the back seats fold flat, creating in incredibly convenient luggage compartment.

The infotainment screen sits proud in the centre of the large spacious dashboard. The dynamic design of the infotainment system seems to emulate a tablet which makes for a fantastically efficient usability on the move. Below the infotainment you will find a plethora of multi-media options in the Mercedes A Class, complete with DAB digital radio, Bluetooth and USB to keep you entertained and informed. If you love to stay connected on the move, then why not enquire about the range of optional upgrade functions, such as the COMAND Online system which allows to you access to the internet on the move.

If you long for low emissions, then opting for the A Class Mercedes won’t let running costs wrack up. If low emissions are really up your street, then why not opt for the automatic model. But if you really want to cut costs then aiming for the A Class AMG is also wise for your wallet when we’re talking insurance.

Last but certainly not least, when it comes to safety, the Mercedes A Class holds your safety as a high priority with 9 air bags and Active bonnet. Mercedes have really lived up to their reputation of building safe vehicles with Collision Prevention Assist and ESP as standard.

If you want to know more about the great deals available on stylishly sporty yet smooth Mercedes A Class, then feel free to give our All Car Leasing team a call on 01565 880880, or visit our home page to enquire about our current deals here.

Savvy City Toyota Aygo from £96.99

Posted on February 14th, 2017

Today we want to celebrate city life with a city car and we’ve chosen the Toyota Aygo Hatchback for it’s great responsiveness and agility. These qualities make the Toyota Aygo Hatchback the perfect nimble city car. It’s the price that makes this model stand out from the city streets. At All Car Leasing our prices of the Toyota Aygo Hatchback 1.0 VVT-i X 5dr  with prices starting from just £96.99. So whether you’re a commuter or a savvy city student, this Toyota Aygo is ideal vehicle for you’re A to B. Breeze the city streets with this sweet city car that’s sure to get you from A to B. The latest model has increased in size just a tad to improve practicality inside, but has not compromised on the compact appeal of this vehicle. The exterior is also designed like a dream. Body coloured bumpers, rear spoilers, and LED daytime running lights are all as standard in this model.

This vehicle can sooth the stress of city driving, painful parking and point turns are a thing of the past with the Toyota Aygo. Effortlessly perform perfect point turns, terrific tight turns and precision parking with the compact body of the Toyota Aygo. Its features such as the speed sensitive power steering, which come as standard in this model, that make manoeuvring magnificent in this small but sweet city car.

The Toyota Aygo may well be designed for city life on the go, but safety has certainly not gone amiss with the rear seat Isofix features as standard, meaning that this car is also up to standard for family outings and city day trips. It seems that Toyota don’t see any reason why we can’t combine pleasure and comfort with affordability and compact practicality. Inside the Toyota Aygo, the dashboard is bright and bold with a range of terrific trims available for some cool customisation.

If you’re looking for some interesting interior features, upgrades are available. Let’s check out the Aygo x-clusiv model. In the centre of the dashboard in the Aygo x-clusive model, sits a DAB Digital Radio as standard, air-conditioning and a lovely leather steering wheel. Reverse parking is also inclusive in this model, a fantastic feature for making minute manoeuvre in small spaces. Our prices are just as small ans sweet, with deals starting from as little as £96.99 on a 12 months initial payment, 48 months and annual millage of 5000 per year.

Remember, it’s true when they say great things come in small packages, so let’s not under estimate the power of this humble hatch and because life is an Adventure so the new model has now been upgraded to love long distance journeys. So if you’re out of the city for the weekend, visiting your folks or taking a trip to the country, then the Toyota Aygo will take you there without hesitation. The cool and compact boot is also perfect for weekend tips away, just enough room for your weekend luggage with unnecessary space gone to waste.

The Toyota’s Aygo’s 1.0 Litre engine combined with the speed sensitive power steering and assisted hill start makes this model easy and safe to control for in lumbered lanes and congested city streets. This lovely little engine and low emissions is ideal as road tax is free, making the Toyota Aygo your perfect A to B.

If you want to know more about the small but sweet prices of the city savvy Toyota Aygo, then why not give our All Car Leasing team a call on 01565 880880, or visit our home page to enquire about our current deals here.

Top 5 In Car Radio Systems

Posted on February 13th, 2017

So it’s World Radio Day and today we want to show some appreciation by celebrating the creation of in car entertainment. Today we are spoiled for choice, with DAB Radio, surround sound systems and ingenious infotainment systems that keep us informed and entertained on the move. With so many great system to choose from it’s fair to say that we were spoiled for choice, but here is a nod to a favourite few. With our guide you will never be short of listening material – check it out.

Top of the charts has to be the Audi RS5 with the popular Bang & Olufsen. These in car entertainment systems are an ingenious fusion of audio heaven and visual versatility. This system supports both satellite radio systems and HD radio systems to help you stay informed on the go. This is nice slice of convenience is certainly tempting, placed right within your line of vision on Audi’s Multi Media Interface. Tempting . . . I’ll take two.

Revel in radio heaven the beautiful BMW iDrive. The ingenious iDrive allows you to control various aspects of your vehicle, including the audio functions. We love the dynamic usability of this function. Listen to radio on the go, catch up on the traffic report and stay on top of tunes new and old with this fantastic function offered to us by BMW.

We’re totally mad for the Mercedes Burmester High-End 3D Surround Sound System. This surround sound system has been tailor made to compliment the acoustics of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe. With speakers even fitted to the roof of the car, you’ll never miss a traffic update or your favourite radio show. The Mercedes COMAND infotainment system encompasses the all audio elements of the car and allows you complete control of the radio at your fingertips.

Next up is the Nissan Connect. The Nissan Connect makes entertainment effortless with its extreme usability and host of dynamic functions. The Nissan Connect means that you can access a host of music and apps with extreme ease. The design, which reminiscent of an iPhone or a tablet, allows a a no fuss practicality on the go. For efficiency and practicality Nissan are in the league.

Seat Full Link system is also worth a shout out to. Download a whole host of applications as you like to liven up your drive with in car entertainment. This system allows you to download an application so you can it back, enjoy the drive and admire the audio technology that makes your drive a dream. The Miniplayer feature allows audio to be managed via an app, including SD radio and HDD radio.

If you like the sound of the great deals available on the vehicles featured in this article, then feel free to give our All Car Leasing team a call on 01565 880880, or visit our home page to enquire about our current deals here.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Hot Deal

Posted on February 13th, 2017

Queen of the roads, not only is the Range Rover Evoque is stylish, spacious and seriously slick, this versatile vehicle can also stand up to off road extremes. At All Car leasing our Range Rover Evoque car leasing starts from just £268.97 per month. Versatility is at the heart of this vehicle with super light steering, that is nimble and quick to respond, perfect for both urban routes and cross country commutes. The Torque Vectoring feature found in the steering of the Range Rover Evoque ensures controlled cornering down country lanes and tight urban bends.

The city slicker has stayed true to its Land Rover off road roots. The light and nimble steering is sturdy enough to stand up to even the toughest of terrains. Hill Decent Control and Terrain Response work in harmony to give you complete control of your off road experience. The 215mm ground clearance means off road, this vehicle won’t get bogged down; the Range Rover Evoque will wade on through. Although the Range Rover is often viewed as the softer sister of the Land Rover family, it’s clear to see that this model has all the Land Rover off road attributes at its heart. What’s more is the lightweight yet durable suspension, crafted from Aluminium and lightweight steel, smooths and calms uneven surfaces, from unmade country lanes to cobbled city streets.

The theme of versatility extends to the interior of the car with entrainment features at your fingertips and although this Ranger Rover still holds dear the core Land Rover capabilities, this Range Rover has all the modern conveniences of a great urban car. The Range Rover Evoque ensures that the infotainment inside is readily available for you.The Incontrol Touch Pro perfectly entwines the best of entertainment and connectivity. With a single swipe or pinch motion, this fantastic feature brings you the most advanced multimedia system offered by Land Rover. The touch home screen is also fully adaptable to your needs and readily responsive to voice control. This is urban convenience at its best. If you like this convenience and you also want Wi-fi, then why opt for Incontrol Connect and Connect Pro?

Versatility is verified again when we take a look at the Driver Aid features of the Range Rover Evoque. The driver aid features of the Range Rover Evoque make this vehicle versatile to the urban landscape; and with Blind Spot Monitoring and Traffic Sign Recognition, it’s not hard to see why this the Range Rover Evoque is favoured by city dwellers and country commuters alike. With the Range Rover Evoque we can enjoy this entertainment in comfort, with an advanced climate control system as standard that is sensitive to outside conditions and adapts inside temperature accordingly. Inside, Land Rover certainly haven’t neglected style. Ambient interior lighting allows you to customise your car how you like. Why not inject a bit of bling with ice white or rev it up with a racy red. The choice is yours.

To it all off, the elegant Evoque is efficient to run. The low emissions of the Range Rover Evoque are not only admired by the eco-conscious amongst us, they also lend themselves to a lovely low road tax you will love. The diesel is by far the most efficient in term of economy, which is good news because the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Diesel Hatchback 2.0 eD4 SE 5dr 2WD is currently one of our hot deals with a nice price from of just 268.97 per month.

If you want to know more about the great deals available on the very versatile Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, then feel free to give our All Car Leasing team a call on 01565 880880, or visit our home page to enquire about our current deals here.

Love Your Lease With All Car Leasing

Posted on February 10th, 2017

This Valentine’s Day, at All Car Leasing, we want to treat you lovely lot. Our Valentines gift to you is the opportunity to pay no processing fee on signed quotes with maintenance between Friday 10th and Tuesday 14th. That’s a stunning saving of £199 plus VAT. We’re so smitten with our lovely lease offer this Valentine’s Day that we just want to shout it from the roof tops.

Here at All Car Leasing, we want to show your lease the devotion it deserves with only the best brand tyres, replaced with love and care. Show your vehicle a little TLC with Tyre and General Maintenance and let us be your knight in shining armour with Roadside Assistance. Our 24 Hour Driver Assistance and 10,000 Networked Garages on hand, mean that we are bound to be at your side whenever and wherever you need us. With so many admirers it was hard to choose, but the following deals did steal our hearts.

Audi A1 Sportback 1.0 TFSI Sport 5dr £200.99 With Maintenance 

Roses are red violets are blue; We’ve got another great offer for you. The Audi Sportback A1, will see you right through. This is a deal that’s hard to beat, With LED lights and sporty front seats.

BMW 2 Series Diesel Active Tourer 216d Sport 5dr (Nav) £202.99 With Maintenance 

Now here is a deal we just have to share, this 2 Series beauty is beyond compare. Performance control and bright gleaming grilles, features by which, we are certainly thrilled.

Mercedes-Benz A Class Hatchback A160 SE 5dr £215.99 With Maintenance 

The A-Class sweetheart has wonderful looks; and with delightful dynamics, you’re sure to be hooked. But the A-Class beauty is more than skin deep, this one’s a deal you should certainly keep.



Skoda Octavia Diesel Hatchback 2.0 TDI CR vRS 5dr from £219.99 With Maintenance 

This 2 litre Skoda is beyond compare, like the nice price above, that includes maintenance and care. With digital radio, entertainment’s entertainment’s a breeze; and with cover included, you’ll be certainly pleased.

To help you find your perfect lease, why not call our team on 01565 880 880 or enquire online here  and let us match make you with your perfect lease. The featured deals are based on a lease of 6 months Initial Payment, 36 months and 10,000 yearly mileage.

Throwback Thursday – Mini Cooper

Posted on February 9th, 2017

The Mini Cooper is an iconic British car and one that has gone down in history for its racing pedigree, its comedy value and is even being re-lived in many variations with the modern Mini. Such as the Mini Cooper Hatchback 1.5 with (Chili Pack). The original Mini Cooper was in production for 39 years from 1961 – 2000.Wikimedia - Martin Pettit

Mini History

The first Mini was introduced in August 1959 with the Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor. In 1961 the Mini Cooper was debuted thanks to Formula One and Rally car builder and designer John Cooper who recognised the racing potential of the nimble city car. The car went on to win a whole host of championships in various forms including the British Saloon Car Championship 1961, ‘62, ‘69, ‘78 and ‘79 the Mini dominated the top 9 positions in the 1966 Gallaher 500 at Bathurst.


Many people have either own or been in a Mini whether it was a classic or a modern version. The car remains iconic thanks in part to its time on the silver screen. The car has featured in action films such as The Bourne Identity and the ever classic The Italian Job (1969 and 2003). The modern car features in the Adam Sandler film Pixels as well as the 2002 Austin Powers in Goldmember. The car was also a heavy feature to Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean.

Wikimedia - Nathan Wong


The modern Cooper hatchback comes with a 1.5-litre engine a little more power than the 997 cc, 55 bhp original engine. The car has also grown a little since its conception the 3m length has increased to 3.8m. The width had height have also increased from 1.4 and 1.3 to 1.9 and 1.4 respectively. The top speed has also improved to 130 from 77 mph. Despite all of the increases in size the engine typically gives drivers 62.8 mpg combined.

New mini Cooper

To compare the specs of a New Mini Hatchback 1.5 (Chili Pack) click here or call our All Car Leasing Team on 01565 880880.

Audi A1 Sportback Lease from £154.50

Posted on February 9th, 2017

Today we’re treating you to an amazing Audi deal. Neat, stylish and compact; not only does the Audi A1 Sportback 1.0 TFSI Sport 5dr have it all, we’ve got some lovely lease offers on this model from just £154.50 … sssssh! That’s a nice price for this smart looking 5 door 1.0 Litre hatch. The Audi A1 looks lovely and will get you from A to B efficiently and in style with 95bhp and Audi engine technology.

We’re totally love struck with striking design of the Audi A1 Sportback. On first glace you will notice the strikingly sporty looks of this model, that are met with a cool compactness. This model is a dream to drive and perfect to park. The Audi A1’s dynamic design makes this model small, sweet and perfect for city life. Body coloured bumpers give this model a fabulously polished finish. This model may be small and sweet, but lovely the low roof, which adds to the sporty feel of this model, certainly doesn’t compromise the space inside the vehicle. This model has all the modern conveniences you could ask for situated within its sporty shell which is hugged by the aluminium trims which adorn the bumper of this sporty number.

It’s not just the exterior of the Audi A1 Sportback that gives it that athletic edge. The sports suspension, which comes as standard in our offer on the Audi A1 Sportback 1.0 TFSI Sport 5dr, makes this model and quick, agile and adaptable. This makes the Audi A1 perfect for busy family life and city driving and longer drives which take you out of the city. But if you a commute from country to city, then why not check out the Audi A1 Diesel Hatchback 1.6 TDI SE 3dr, with increased engine size to make your commute that bit quicker.

Now, here’s the inside scoop. Open the door, sink into the heated front seats (optional) and place your hands on the super sports steering wheel in front of you. Next, turning our attention to the centre to your left and we’re fascinated to find a retractable MMI screen as standard, this feature allows you to conveniently keep an eye on all aspect of your car, making city driving a breeze.

Audi enables you to integrate your needs into this vehicle. Inbuilt mobile telephone preparation with blue tooth interface (as standard) in the Audi A1 Sportback 1.0 TFSI Sport 5dr keeps you connected on the move. Also, Audi’s innovative infotainment features bring you the best of both worlds. With a driver information system, 6 speakers and concert radio / CD player, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to staying entertained on the move.

Adaptability and efficiency are at the heart of this vehicle. The carefully compacted design of the Audi A1 means that no space goes to waste. In this model, Audi have created the perfect recipe, with efficiency, affordability and a dash of sporty style all added to the mix.

If you want to know more about the great deals available on the Audi A1 Sportback with great usability and a sporty, dynamic design starting from just £154.50, then feel free to give our All Car Leasing team a call on 01565 880880, or visit our home page to enquire about our current deals here.