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Maintenance Package


All Car Leasing offers a no-quibble maintenance package with all deals, it is optional but highly recommended for car leasing deals that carry a few miles with them the reason for this is normal fair wear and tear and tyre usage. If you get a company car leasing deal with 10,000 or more miles per annum it is almost essential – it is more at risk of wear and tear and it WILL need tyres replacing. If you have a maintenance package then the tyres and services are covered by us and without it, you will have to cover the cost yourself.

Included in the maintenance package is regular servicing and maintenance and we can also arrange mobile fitters for problems such as exhausts, batteries, windscreens and tyres and“ we will even replace tyres worn down naturally as well as punctures. So as you can see, if you lease a car with All Car Leasing and take the maintenance package you have got a garage in your pocket who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Breakdown Service

Included with the maintenance is a complete breakdown service. With us, the AA is the supplier for the breakdown service. With the package you will get; home start, roadside assistance, recovery and relay plus service.

At All Car Leasing, we always make sure our customers get the best lease deal for them if you have read this and have any more questions at all do not hesitate to give us a call on 01565 880 880 or email us on