Why you should lease a SEAT

The company was launched in May 1950 and managed to sell 10,000 cars in its first year, even in a country with roughly 3.1 cars per 1000 residents. By 1968 SEAT had reached the '1 million cars produced' mark and by 1974 the '2 millionth car produced' benchmark was achieved resulting in the manufacturer being ranked 8th position amongst other European car manufacturers.

SEATs are most popular for personal car leasing, but models such as the Ateca are suitable for business car leasing, too!

Is SEAT a good brand?

SEAT has been responsible for one of the most iconic hot-hatches on Britains' roads - the SEAT Leon Cupra R, which the prototype for was released in 2001, was developed by SEAT Sport. This is a car that was around £10,000 cheaper than a VW Golf V5, and it out-performed it too. It was quick, comfortable, economical, it gripped and handled well, had all the kit you needed and at £14,995 it was an absolute bargain, a true hot-hatch.

Reasons to lease a SEAT

The new range of SEATs presents great value for money bringing a high amount of technology features for safety, convenience and fuel economy which make these cars even greater. In terms of leasing a SEAT, that means you'll be getting lots of cars for your money, and the cars will maintain their value well-meaning you'll pay less money overall. These cars are also perfect for both Business and Personal use along with Fleet and company car potential as they're economical, reliable, and smart-looking.

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SEAT range

  • Alhambra
  • Altea XL
  • Ateca
  • Ibiza
  • Leon
  • Mii
  • Toledo
  • Leon X-Perience