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Your First Vehicle Lease

Personal vehicle leasing and business vehicle leasing can be confusing, we understand that. However, we have strived to make it as simple as possible with the use of our sliders, transparent pricing and in-depth FAQs. Our account managers have also been trained to be able to explain all of the processes as simple as possible.

How Does Car Leasing Work For First Time Leasers

If this is the first time you are leasing then there are some aspects that you will need to know - 

  • The initial payment
  • Contract mileage
  • Required documents
  • Ownership

Initial Payment

The initial payment is not a deposit and is just the first payment made on the agreement. For example, on a 24-month deal, there is the initial payment followed by 23 payments of the monthly amount. As you can see, there are 24 payments to be made during the 2-year lease.

The initial payment amount will be a multiple of 3,6,9 or 12 of the monthly payment. So, if you have been quoted on a 3-month initial payment on a 24-month lease for £100 month then you will pay £300 in the first month and then £100 a month for 23 months.

For more information on that please visit the initial payment page.

Contract Mileage

You can have your vehicle for as many miles as you want, if you see it advertised as 5,000 miles but you want 10,000 then that's no problem. Usually, you can use the sliders to adjust. If not then please just give us a ring on 01565 880 880 and we will give you a quote.

If you go over the mileage then there is an excess mileage charge which differs from one agreement to another, however, this will be clearly highlighted on your quote.

If you're 12 months through your first vehicle leasing deal and you have gone over or above the miles and need it changed then all you have to do is give us a ring and we will adjust it. There's no need to think you are trapped and the miles are going out of control.

Required documents

We will need certain documents to process your lease, much the same as any finance agreement. Specific details can be found here.


As this is a lease then the ownership is the finance company and you are the registered keeper. This means that the finance company will expect the car back at the end of the lease and you should not make any modifications to the vehicle without permission.

 The vehicle will need to be insured by yourself, fully comprehensive so that any damage that may cause a write off is covered.
This does not affect who can drive the vehicle as long as they are insured for its use.

First Time Leasing Checklist

  • Check to make sure the initial payment suits you
  • Choose the most accurate annual mileage as you can
  • Research insurance in advance for no surprises
  • Go through maintenance needs with the account manager
  • Research the required documents to ensure the lease is processed as quickly as possible

You're In Safe Hands

If this is your first vehicle leasing experience then you're in safe hands. We won't bog you down with jargon or hidden charges and we remain transparent throughout so that we can deliver the best possible experience for every one of our customers. We pride ourselves on our impeccable service record, which is why we have a Feefo 5 star customer service rating.

If you have any questions about the car leasing process or about anything we've mentioned here, please call us on 01565 880880 and we will try our best to help.