Why should you lease a Skoda?

Skoda has been part of the Volkswagen group for over 20 years, having been a tiny two-product, state-owned company which is now operating globally with state-of-the-art production facilities and an award-winning model range. That means great things for anyone who leases a Skoda because you'll get German efficiency and reliability without the VW price tag, making a Skoda great value for money. Skoda cars are popular for personal car leasing, and are becoming more common with business car leasing, too!

Is Skoda a good brand?

In recent years, Skoda has become more and more popular, with various achievements such as the Skoda Fabia winning Best Small Car of the Year, and the Skoda Scala winning Best Family Car by WhatCar? in 2020. Skoda is known for its reliability, practicality, and affordability. It’s understandable why so many people are choosing this underdog of a brand when picking their next car.

Reasons to lease a Skoda

There are countless reasons to lease a Skoda, including the points stated above. Skoda is a safe, reliable, brand with a great range of models that tailor to a variety of needs, whether it be the Citigo, the perfect car for new drivers, the Fabia, ideal for family trips, or the Kodiaq, a great SUV for a variety of purposes.

Summarised below are some great reasons to lease a Skoda car:

  • Fantastic choice in the range with each car offering something different, but all delivering on looks, performance, and fuel economy and with low monthly prices
  • All cars within the range are perfectly suited to Business leasing, whether as a company car or part of a fleet, there are deals and terms to suit any business need
  • The New Kodiaq SUV will bring an extra level of diversity to the varied range of cars on offer, and for a competitive price, which means it will cost less to lease one
  • Bold, striking new designs coupled with intuitive technology equals a car that delivers on your needs as well as adding an extra element of luxury
  • Being a part of the Volkswagen group means you'll get German efficiency, reliability, and quality of build without the VW price tag, giving you peace of mind.

Does Skoda sound like the ideal brand for you? By checking out our in-stock lease deals, you might be able to drive a Skoda in a matter of weeks!

What our customers say...

Tomasz Highly recommended
5 stars

Excellent service. It's my 3rd car so far. The team is very kind and helpful. Many thanks to Nicholas and Gemma for a professional support all the time. Thank you to Nicholas for recommended skoda fabia monte carlo. It's a pleasure to drive this car.

Leased a Škoda Fabia