Why choose Honda?

Honda is perhaps as know for their performance models as they are their normal ones. They are also known for their innovation and drive to be different - this is instantly noticeable with their flagship vehicles the Civic and the popular Jazz. Choose a Honda lease if you want a great car with Japanese flair and performance under the hood. Hondas are most popular as a personal lease rather than a business lease.

Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty 

There are usually no problems with any of Honda's models being available. If you take out a lease you will get free delivery to anywhere in the UK and full manufacturer's warranty. Optional maintenance also available. 

For details on Honda's warranty see here.

Models and Bodystyles

Honda doesn't make an abundance of different types of cars, preferring to not be Jacks of all trades but the masters of what they do, you can get a Honda as:

  • Coupe
  • Estate
  • SUV
  • Hatchback

Related Manufacturers

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