Why Should You Lease a Ford?

Ford's range of vehicles is vast and can cater for virtually any driver type, this has always been Ford's strength - making quality cars for the masses. This places Ford in the mid-range sector with trim levels to compete with some of the premium brands as well as the budget brands. To summarise, leasing a ford gives you plenty of car for your money. Ford is most popular as a personal lease, however, the larger models are a good choice for business leasing.

Be sure to check out our Fiesta ST, Focus ST sections, too.

What is the Best Ford to Lease?

Ford is one of the top selling car manufacturers in the country, with the Ford Fiesta being a very common sight on our roads. The British brand has a wide range of popular, reliable vehicles that are perfect for a variety of needs. The Ford family ranges from the popular Fiesta, to the Puma - the ideal crossover, and even the super sleek Mustang. Whatever you’re looking for, Ford will certainly have something to tickle your fancy. 

Which Ford Leasing Option is Best for You?

One of the many great aspects of choosing to lease a Ford is they are incredibly multifunctional and perfect for a variety of needs. The most popular being the Ford Fiesta, ideal for both new and experienced drivers. However there are many more out there that may be better suited to your needs. To discuss the further, feel free to contact our sales team at 01565 880 800.

Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty

There are so many Ford dealerships up and down the country that their availability is one of the best out of every brand, this means quick turnarounds for our customers. All our Ford leases come with free delivery and manufacturer's warranty. Maintenance is not included by default but is recommended with any deal.

For details on the warranty please visit the Ford website.

Models & Body Styles