Fortunately, the All Car Leasing staff are highly trained to help you make your choice on your next car whether it's a personal lease or a business lease, deciding which features you value most and pairing you with our best Renault lease deals.

Why lease a Renault?

The original Renault Corporation was founded by brothers, Louis, Marcel and Fernand Renault, in 1899. Now known as Groupe Renault, they're one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world, producing vehicles in 118 countries worldwide. It's famous for producing models such as the Clio (1991), the Renault 5 (1972) and the Espace (1984) which were models based on no other competition on the market, which led Renault to many resurgences and ultimately successes.

The Renault range today is fairly compact, with 10 different cars, including a supermini, stylish crossovers, family cars and even two electric cars too. If you're environmentally conscious, the Zoe or the Twizy is the perfect options. Alternatively, if you're looking for a great supermini that's currently rivalling the likes of the Fiat 500 and the Ford Ka, the all-new Twingo, considered one of the best superminis of 2016, is the one to go for. And for those of you with a large family, the Scenic and the Grand Scenic - the comfortable five and seven-seaters – are well-built and affordable.

So what's new this year?

Renault has definitely bounced back from their rough patch with a range of new and innovative vehicles making up their refreshed range.

The new Twingo has really raised the bar high in the super-mini category, bringing some completely new features such as ESC or Electronic Stability Control which helps you keep the car under control without swerving off. Other features include an optional multimedia system with a 7" touchscreen and navigation, or if you can't afford that then you can download the RGo smartphone app which lets you use your phone as the touchscreen, so you won't miss any of the benefits of a console-mounted screen. What also sets the Twingo apart is its class-leading turning circle of 8.59m and the extra storage space provided including a flat-folding passenger seat, allowing for 52 litres more space. A perfect first car or city commuting car.

Also new this year is Renaults Crossover SUV - the Kadjar, which won Best Off-road/SUV in AutoExpress's 2016 Power Driver Survey. There is a choice of 6 engines with the most powerful having 130bhp, the most economical achieving 74.3 combined MPG, which is incredible. Inside you get great quality materials and cool little things like a colour coordinated instrument cluster that changes colour depending on which traction drive you select.

Reasons to lease a Renault

The new range is perfect for leasing because of the 4-year manufacturer Warranty and because the cars are piled full with great features that don't come as standard on a lot of cars, such as the 19" diamond cut alloy wheels, cruise control and Daytime Running Lights (LED DRL). As well as that the range makes for a perfect Business vehicle, whether as part of a fleet or for use as a company car, there is great versatility within the range, which means you get a fantastic choice.

Summarised below are some excellent reasons to lease a Renault:

  • New and improved range delivers on quality as well as providing you with a great choice.
  • Any cars in the range are perfect for Personal leasing as well as for Business leasing purposes such as company car or as part of a fleet.
  • The new models in the range come with some fantastic features as standard such as cruise control.
  • Fairly low prices compared to the rest of the market and we often get some amazing offers.
  • 4 Year Manufacturers Warranty means you'll be covered for any breakdowns or repairs for the duration of the lease.

So take a good look over the range of Renaults we offer and use the tools provided at each model page to help you decide which Renault car leasing deal is right for you or your business. If you have any questions please feel free to call our team on 01565 880880, or alternatively, place an enquiry using the online form and our team will be in contact with you shortly.