Why you should lease an MG

The name hasn't changed but everything else has MG Motors bringing together a classic British brand with modern technology, style, and service. With a limited range of vehicles and trims available choosing an MG is as simple as you'd like. The new focus for MG is to provide affordable, well-built British cars without compromise.

A seven-year or 80,000-mile manufacturer warranty means that throughout the length of your lease, based on average annual mileage you will be covered. The cars are no longer built from spare parts of older brands, instead, they are British designs, and cars are engineered from the MG headquarters in Birmingham. MG has not just come back to the market they have launched themselves back into a competitive market with a competitive range of vehicles.

Summarised below are some excellent reasons to lease an MG car:

  • A British brand for quality and engineering that listens and responds to customers' needs.
  • Groundbreaking design and outstanding vehicle concepts including full-electric sports cars.
  • The low retail cost results in even better leasing value, saving you money without lowering vehicle quality.
  • Personalisation packages are available to make your perfect car your way, also available on lease vehicles.

By checking out our in-stock lease deals, you could find yourself an MG deal that could be yours in a matter of weeks!

Are MG’s reliable?

Beating popular brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi, MG is among the most reliable car brands in the UK. The British brand often received high reviews from critics and is definitely climbing the ladder to become one of the most highly recommended manufactures that are both very affordable and very impressive across all aspects.

What is the most popular MG?

Competing with the likes of the Nissan Qashqai, Kia Stonic, and the Audi Q2, the MG UK Zs is the most popular MG to lease thanks to its roomy interior, impressive build, and amazingly affordable price. However, all models across the MG range are worthy choices for both business and personal leasing.

If you are unable to find the specification of MG you are looking for, why not contact one of our helpful qualified specialists that will help you choose the right options for you. For more information or to arrange a quote on any MG, leasing deals email sales@allcarleasing.co.uk or call 01565 880 880 and speak to the All Car Leasing staff.