Why you should lease a JEEP.

Most people use the term “Jeep” when referring to all SUVs or 4x4, but JEEP is actually a fully-fledged brand of its own! Over the last 75 years, the successful American brand has been known for making high-quality SUVs, 4x4s, and off-road vehicles, with the goal to embody freedom, authenticity, and adventure.

“Jeep vehicles have been the authentic benchmark for off-road capability, having mastered more terrain, led more adventures and provided drivers more freedom than any other vehicle before or since.” said Mike Manley, Head of Jeep Brand & FCA Global.

Is it smart to lease a JEEP?

Nowadays, it is more common to see Land Rovers on the road over JEEPs, but leasing a JEEP is also a great option if you are looking for something that shouts power, strength, and adventure, but also luxury, style, and performance. The iconic brand has often been a popular choice for both personal and business leasing. Whether you are looking at the popular Renegade or the iconic Wrangler, the Jeep is a smart SUV alternative if you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd, and expresses your adventurous personality.

What is the most popular JEEP to lease?

Currently, the JEEP Renegade is the most popular JEEP to lease, thanks to its more affordable price range and bold, stylish design. Recently, the Renegade’s design has evolved to be more modern, whilst still maintaining the recognisable JEEP identity, such as the striking slot front grille and headlights.

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Reasons to lease a JEEP

Jeep vehicles may look simple from the outside, but you'll be surprised to find that there is a lot of attention to detail within the technology used to give these vehicles their phenomenal off-road capabilities, such as Command-Trac, a proven shift-on-the-fly traction system that allows you to select the best traction for the terrain that you're on and thus improving fuel economy. Jeeps are perfect for Business & Personal uses due to their on and off-road designs which makes them fantastic for leasing as the leasing term can be tailored to suit you or your business needs.

Summarised below are some great reasons to lease a Jeep:

  • With the latest models having all the most up-to-date technology included for both the engine and driver convenience, they are perfect for Business & Personal leasing types
  • There is a varied range of 5 4x4s available which are perfect for family cars, off-road vehicles or city cars so you have a great choice
  • The Jeep Renegade was named Best 4x4 of the Year 2016 by 4x4 Magazine, meaning not only is the Renegade a great little city Crossover, but it stands up off-road too
  • A brand with a huge history and excellent heritage which means you'll be driving a legendary branded car, and by leasing it you'll pay a fraction of what it would cost to own
  • A Jeep 4x4 power = the best driving experience.

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