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The Volkswagen Up! is another great little city car to come off the VW production line. The Up! originally replaced the simplistic Fox that had a low price tag but a huge list of optional extras, allowing the cars could be customised to the driver’s liking.

At first it seemed the Up! maybe another simplistic Volkswagen design that was built with Volkswagen quality throughout, but lacked the fun and equipment of other VW favourites. However, this wasn’t the case at all.

Why Lease the Up!?

The Up! in its most basic form comes with MP3/ iPod connection as standard and has Bluetooth and sat nav available as added extras. With two 1.0 litre engines to choose from – one with 59bhp and the other 74bhp – the Up! is not only a brilliant car for zipping around the city, it can also hold its own on the open road as well.

Graduate to the Up! Move Up, and you’ll find electric windows and air conditioning come as standard; upgrade again to the High Up, and you’ll also get sat nav and Bluetooth as standard too.

Why Lease an Up!?

The Volkswagen Up! is one of the best city cars on the market today. With rivals like the Fiat 500 and the Ford Ka, it needed to be good - great news is the Up! exceeds all expectations. It’s packed with equipment –something its predecessor was severely lacking – and can battle the motorways just as well as any other car out there.

Five Reasons to Lease an Up?!

  • Fun to drive
  • Kitted out with all the latest VW gadgets
  • Easy to squeeze into those tiny parking spaces
  • Small but mighty
  • Extremely fuel efficient


All in all the VW Up! has clearly far exceeded expectations; it’s so much better than its predecessor and is miles ahead in the city car game. It’s also great value for money, so if you’re interested in one of our great VW Up! deals, give us a call today on 01565 880880 for more information and to get a quote.