Car Safety Features Ideal For Senior Drivers

Various studies completed around the world have found that the older generation value safety features over anything else when it comes to choosing a new car. Particularly drivers over 60. Whether this is because seniors feel safer behind the wheel with some extra technical support or are more aware of the dangers of the roads, investing in safety features is certainly recommended. And many new models will come equipped with desired features such as lane assist systems, pedestrian detection sensors, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring and parking assistance cameras as well as many more.


In this blog we will highlight some of the key safety features and their benefits for senior drivers. As well as highlighting the benefits of car leasing for older drivers and why an automatic car may be the right choice.


Below are some of the most popular and commonly occurring safety features found in modern car designs:

Rearview camera

For extra precaution when reversing, a rearview camera provides additional support. Offering a clear view of the rear of the vehicle as you conduct a reversing turn or reverse bay park. And not only is it reassuring for drivers, for those with difficulty turning to view over their shoulder or are limited in their range of motion, a rearview camera is an incredibly valuable tool.

Blind Spot Monitoring

For those nuisance blind spots, at a time when you want to change lanes on a busy dual carriageway or motorway, blind spot monitoring can provide some extra support. Offering a warning to you, usually in the form of a light signal installed within your wind mirror to any oncoming traffic you may not be able to see.

Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control makes maintaining the speed limit even easier. Offering the option to mimic the speed of the vehicles in front, which is particularly ideal for times when traffic has increased and vehicles are required to move at a steady set pace. While it can be simple to maintain your speed, your cruise control makes it even easier and allows you to slightly rest your feet in the meantime. Of course, this does not mean that you should take your eyes off the road or stop paying attention.

Lane assist systems

There are various lane assist systems that are built into modern cars. The most common of which being lane centre assist which helps to keep the car within the centre of the lane. Avoiding going over the line and potentially causing hazards for other drivers. Not only designed to keep you safe but other road users too. Lane centering assist will automatically take over the brakes and steering wheel to centre the car when it feels the vehicle is drifting out of lane.

Are automatic cars better for senior drivers?

As well as considering safety features, some older drivers may consider switching from manual controls to an automatic car. While the majority of drivers in the UK are still happy to drive manual, automatic is increasingly popular, however slightly more expensive.


Older drivers who may feel their reaction times and ability to drive as been impacted by their age, may feel safer in an automatic car. Requiring less driving capabilities and allows for greater focus on the road rather than the controls within the car.


The cost of these vehicle safety features

As we have already mentioned, many of these safety features are now built in as standard in modern car models. However to buy a brand new car outright requires several thousands of pounds in cash. With the cost of living impacting people of all ages, and wallets tight, this may not be easily done as is said. However, there is another option for drivers of all ages. Car leasing.


A personal car leasing contract requires a regular monthly payment for access to a car of your choice. For older drivers this may be a more modern automatic model with built-in safety features. Signing a contract and for a payment each month you can drive away in a modern car that has all the tech, gadgets and features you are looking for.


At All Car Leasing we stock a wide range of models from leading manufacturers. Accepting car leasing for drivers of any age as long as they are approved as part of a standard credit check. Want to find out more about car leasing? Get in touch with our expert team today.