Car Leasing with Insurance

Car Leasing With Insurance

Car Insurance: Hassle-Free Bundles & Instant Coverage

Finding car insurance can be a hassle regardless of whether it’s a lease car or you own the car. As leasing has become more popular, there are loads of perks when it comes to leasing a car, and we offer insurance and lease bundles all in one payment. As soon as the car is delivered you will be able to drive it away.

Car Leasing & Insurance Made Simple: All-Inclusive Protection with Arval

Understanding leasing with insurance is essential if you are considering looking for cars. When you are leasing a car, insurance plays a crucial role in protecting the people involved. Insurance is a safety net, providing financial coverage in events of unexpected accidents, damages or losses.

We offer a package with Arval, which covers the cost of repairs in the event of an accident fire or theft and damage protection for all glass requirements.

Lease Car Insurance Benefits: Why It's the Smart Choice for Worry-Free Driving

Leasing with insurance offers different benefits that make it an option individuals prefer to choose as it offers peace of mind to you. With insurance in place, lessees can avoid substantial out of pocket expenses that could otherwise arise from such incidents. Insurance coverage can be tailored to suit specific needs, providing flexibility and customisation options to accommodate various leasing arrangements.

With insurance coverage starting on the day of delivery, you won't have to wait for authorisation to repair your vehicle, ensuring prompt and hassle free resolution of any damages or issues that may arise.

Consolidating all your vehicle costs into one place, you'll enjoy the certainty of a fixed monthly outgoing, simplifying budgeting and financial planning.

Lease Car Eligibility: Who Can Lease? Age, License & Driving History Requirements

For drivers considering leasing a vehicle, there are certain criteria to meet. Individuals must be between the ages of 21 and 70 and have a full UK/EU driving license with no more than two own fault claims in the last two years of driving. You should also check that you haven’t received less than six points on your license and haven’t had a driving ban in the last five years. The requirement ensures that drivers have a foundational understanding of road rules and regulations while also minimising potential risk.

By adhering to these qualifications, leasing companies aim to maintain safety standards and mitigate the likelihood of accidents or incidents on the road.

Finding your perfect personal car lease with insurance couldn’t be simpler, but since insurance prices can differ from person to person, give us a call or send us an email with your requirements to get a quote.

Alternatively, you can enquire about any vehicle and state in the comments you’d like it fully insured.