Hyundai i30 N Lease

The Hyundai i30 N is the new Korean hot-hatch on the block that's turning even the most seasoned petrol-heads. While it doesn't quite share the same level of prestige as a Volkswagen Golf GTI, the humble Hyundai does offer a more affordable way into hot hatch ownership, as such it might be a car for you to consider leasing for yourself or your business to add a little pizzazz to your daily commute. Unlike most modern hatchbacks, the i30 N isn't available as a three-door model so you'll get the maximum level of practicality without having to pay extra to add two rear passenger doors or have your passengers clamber over the front seats to get into the back. What the Hyundai i30 N does share with modern hot hatches is sporty, extrovert styling - you can tell it's a performance model even if you aren't familiar with the i30 range or Hyundai for that matter.


  • Good acceleration
  • Agile
  • Eye-catching
  • Great colour
  • Sensible daily driver
  • Uncommon to see


  • Badge snobbery
  • Not as fast as rivals
  • No automatic option
  • Lots of hard plastics inside
  • Insurance premium
  • Residual value similar to more expensive cars

I30 N Specification

Hyundai have really managed to impress the motoring world with their first 'N' model, right from the get-go they've produced a car that steers well into Golf GTI territory, and a load of badge snobs saying "Yeah, but it's still a Hyundai". Without sharing engines with other performance cars like the Volkswagen-Audi group can, the paper stats of this new engine really speak for themselves.

The N Performance trim will grant you an extra 25 brake horsepower and get you 0.3 seconds faster to 60mph, which may seem marginal to look at - the real treat with this variant is that it comes with an active exhaust system and an LSD. No, not the drug, but a limited slip differential! This controls the torque vectoring of the wheels to allow you to be much more 'spirited' in the corners.

Hyundai I30 N Paint Colours

There's a wide variety of colours to spec your car in, the paint used on the poster boy car is Performance Blue, an optional extra costing £585. The no-cost paint options are Polar White and Engine Red, so the remaining Phantom Black, Micron Grey, Clean Slate and Performance Blue will still cost you £585 each.

Alloy Wheels

Normally car manufacturers like to give their alloy wheels rather avant-garde names, like the Golf GTI's 'Brescia' or Golf R's 'Cadiz' however Hyundai have been straight to the point with theirs - simply named 18" or 19". That said, the 18" alloys are standard on the normal i30 N model, but if you opt for the N Performance variant you can choose either at no cost.

Hyundai i30 N Interior

On the inside, the i30 N is very typical of Hyundai, it's best described as 'functional' - noted by lots of hard plastics on the upper half of the dash and towards the door bins, but what sets the car apart is the tasteful use of their performance blue dotted around the steering wheel and centre console. You also get lovely part leather/alcantara sports seats, stainless steel pedals and that all-important engine start button (therefore, key-less entry). When it really comes down to it, most warm hatches interiors are a tad lacking, that's because most of the budget developing the car has gone straight towards its performance.

Optional Extras

As it stands, there currently aren't any optional extras available on the Hyundai i30 N, though this does make sense given that it is the very highest model in the i30 range. On the brighter side, you can rest easy knowing you are getting absolutely everything Hyundai have to offer all in one package.

Rival Models

Being in the upper-echelon of warm hatchbacks, the Hyundai i30 N has some stiff competition, such as the Skoda Octavia vRSVolkswagen Golf GTI, Peugeot 308 GTI, Honda Civic Type R or Ford Fiesta ST. Why not check out our special offers page to see if you can grab yourself a different performance car bargain? All of our deals are available for both personal and business customers.

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