What Cars Have Heated Windscreens?

The truth is that we all loathe driving in the winter. Slippy roads, an immense amount of traffic, and a heap of snow make getting to work even more difficult than usual. Sometimes it can take ages to defrost the car in the morning which makes it incredibly infuriating when you're already running late. Well, lucky for some, technology like Quickclear (Heated Windscreen) has helped to combat that problem, and those of you who have the feature know just how beneficial it is having it. 

So which manufacturers have it and what else do you need to know?

What Cars Have Heated Windscreens?

Below are the manufacturers which have heated windscreens, if you would like to check whether a specific model has the quickclear feature then please give our sales team a call on 01565880880 to discuss a personal car lease or a business car lease, or look within the model specification and standard features list. 


Land Rover (Including Range Rover Models)








What are Heated Windscreens?

Heated Windscreens are what they say on the tin really. The windscreen has heating technology incorporated into it so that you can quickly demist or de-freeze your car in very quick succession. In modern vehicles, you can quite literally jump into the car, turn quick-clear on, and the windscreen will be clear in a minute or so. The technology supposedly works best after the engine has been turned on for ten minutes, however, it does usually work as soon as you turn the ignition.

How Do Heated Windscreens Work?

The technology behind heated windscreens is actually quite simple. Very thin heating wires coated in silver or zinc oxide are incorporated within the windscreen in the form of a web with two layers covering the whole windscreen. These wires are then slowly heated up via the battery to melt the ice/snow covering the windshield.

When Should You Use Quickclear?

Use For Snow - Quickclear will melt the snow on your windscreen. However, if it's thick snow, try and clear as much as you can first to speed up the process.

Use For Mist - You don't need to use your fan to clear mist or ice.

Use For Ice - Quickclear will clear the ice on your windows in the morning quickly.

Why Is Quickclear Important?

The reason why heated windscreens are important and are becoming a popular feature in new vehicles is due to the laws surrounding visibility on the road. According to Rule 235 of the Highway Code, you must use your windscreen wipers and demisters whenever your view is obstructed. Not having a clear vision of the road can be incredibly dangerous, and you may end up in a collision because of it.

Who Introduced the Heated Windscreen First?

Heated Windscreen technology was first introduced by Ford Motor Company and represented by the trademark, Quickclear. It has been used since 1969 and was first seen on a Rolls Royce vehicle way back then; so if you thought this was a new feature, then you're wrong. It was initially known as 'Instaclear' but was replaced with 'Quickclear' in 1989 and it's stuck ever since.

How Do Other Manufacturers Use Ford Quickclear Technology?

You may be wondering to yourself, 'how do other manufacturers use the Ford technology' but the answer is this. The technology used for quick-clear and its trademark is no longer exclusive to Ford as of 2011, meaning that other manufacturers have the right to use the trademark.

How To Tell If You Have a Heated Windshield?

As the quick-clear technology has become more advanced, it has become more difficult to tell if you have the heating function on your windshield due to the wires being so well hidden. However, there are a few ways that you can find out:

  • Check out the bottom of the windshield, you may notice very small wires within the glass (these will be the wires used for quick-clear)
  • Read your car manual
  • Check for a button inside the car
  • Call the supplier/dealership and ask if you have the feature in your car

Can A Heated Windshield Be Repaired?

Yes is the simple answer, however, you may find that the heating elements may be a little unresponsive compared to when it was brand new. It all depends and how deep the crack is on your windshield and if it has interfered with the heating wires. If you find that upon repair, the windshield isn't working properly, you may have to look into finding a replacement windshield. Always weigh this up beforehand and speak to a specialist for advice.

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