Why should you lease a MINI?

The latest MINI models are hugely popular not only due to a large number of colour schemes and designs that you can have but because they are simply a fun, nippy car to drive. In terms of leasing a MINI, there are some fantastic reasons too, including the continual offers that we have on them, and also the fact that because each one can be so unique they hold their value well over the period of the leasing term.

MINIs are generally more popular for personal leasing, but are also available for business leasing too.

Key Features of the MINI

  • Highly customisable car means you drive something unique
  • Great nippy little runaround, or high-performance hot-hatch - both available to lease for Business and Personal use
  • Fantastic value for money with our regularly updated offers which can be tailored to suit you
  • Quality and reliability is assured as MINI cars are built by BMW
  • Having a large range of MINI cars and models means you can choose one that meets your exact needs, such as engine size or body style
  • So you might be really familiar with MINIs by now, or you might have never driven one before, but take a look at the range we offer as it's pretty vast, and we might have a model there that you didn't know about.

What is the most popular MINI to lease?

There is no one singular MINI that is the best to choose, however, the most commonly leased is the classic MINI hatchback, a stylish little drive perfect for anyone looking for something with a premium feel and a cute appearance. The MINI hatchback is also now available as all-electric, with a new quirky yet timeless design. The MINI hatchback is often on special offers so be sure to check our special offers page. Or, if you can’t wait to get yourself a MINI, take a look at our in-stock lease deals and you might have yourself a MINI sooner than you think!