NISSAN LEAF 110kW Acenta 40kWh 5dr Auto
Nissan Leaf110kw Acenta 40kwh 5dr Auto
Business£239.20per month ex. VAT
Personal£287.04per month inc. VAT
Nissan Leaf110kw Acenta 40kwh 5dr Auto [6.6kw Charger]
Business£263.80per month ex. VAT
Personal£316.56per month inc. VAT
NISSAN LEAF 110kW N-Connecta 40kWh 5dr Auto
Nissan Leaf110kw N-connecta 40kwh 5dr Auto
Business£270.24per month ex. VAT
Personal£324.29per month inc. VAT
NISSAN LEAF 110kW Tekna 40kWh 5dr Auto
Nissan Leaf110kw Tekna 40kwh 5dr Auto
Business£286.89per month ex. VAT
Personal£344.27per month inc. VAT
Nissan Leaf160kw E+ Tekna 62kwh 5dr Auto
Business£316.99per month ex. VAT
Personal£380.39per month inc. VAT
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LeafN-ConnectaNissan Leaf is a brilliant car, it may not look the nicest but that doesnt matter really because of how easy it is to drive, not having any fuel costs and its cruise control/satnav features. Very ple
ased to say the least!

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More about Nissan Leaf leasing:

Having shaken off many old and unfortunate stereotypes the Nissan Leaf is a far cry from the cars which first ventured into the electric arena. Whilst the Nissan Leaf maintains some of the features traditionally associated with electric vehicles such as reduced emissions and a cheap running costs. It does not thankfully share the same dreary drawbacks, therefore it heralds in a new generation of electric car.

Key Nissan Leaf Points

One major improvement is the speed and acceleration of this car. Thanks to its lithium-ion battery and 108bhp battery-powered motor this nippy car will reach 60mph in 11.5 seconds, has a maximum speed of 89mph and realistic range of 100 miles.

The Leafs low emissions support its environmental name as when charged from a green power source it can reach an impressive zero emissions; A benefit to both your conscience and your pocket, as it costs only around a pound to tax and very little to charge.

Why lease a Nissan Leaf?

The two main reasons to lease this clever car is that it is both cheap and green, but this car is more than just a bargain and an engine, it also contains some clever gadgets to make the drive a bit more fun. For example, the range-topping Tekna offers a BOSE stereo system, a heated steering wheel and seats.

Engines and Trims

The Nissan Leaf is available with three trim levels each building on top of the other, the entry-level trim is called the Nissan Leaf Acenta, key features of this trim include the e-pedal for single pedal acceleration and deceleration, Nissan's safety shield which includes Lane departure warnings, emergency braking with pedestrian recognition and cross-traffic alerts as well as lane intervention technology and High-beam assist, all help to make driving safer and keep you and your family safe. The Acenta also comes with the latest Nissan Connect 7" multi-function infotainment system, a rearview camera, eco route planning, air conditioning and a preloaded list of nearby charging stations the system also has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. A rapid charge port is also standard. Above the Acenta is the N-Connecta often used for models that have enhanced technology loaded at the factory, the Leaf N-Connecta has the manufacturers Intelligent Around-View monitor system as well as heated part leather front seats, a heated steering wheel, larger 17" alloy wheels and electronically folding dooring mirrors. Top of the Nissan Electric Car range for the Leaf is the Tekna a trim level that includes everything from the previous two trims, as well as ProPilot a 7 speaker Bose audio system, suede and leather heated seats and Full, LED automatic headlights. The only "engine" available from Nissan for the electric leaf is a 40kWh battery with automatic transmission and a 2 wheel drive system. The engine has a maximum speed fo 89 mph and a 0 - 62 mph time of 7.9 seconds thanks in part to its clever electric motor and 150 PS power output.

Five reasons to lease a Leaf

  • Cheap
  • Green
  • Quiet to drive
  • Some fancy Gadgets
  • Plenty of speed

  • Conclusion

    So if you are an environmentally conscious individual, or alternatively an oil tycoon who simply wants a cheap ride! Then give us a ring to enquire about leasing this mean green driving machine!

    Rival Cars

    If the Nissan Leaf doesn't quite meet all of your electric car needs then perhaps some of it's closest competitors might include the popular Renault Zoe or the latest additions from the BMW i3.

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