Nissan Leaf Car Leasing - 5 found

NISSAN LEAF Visia 5dr Auto
Nissan LeafVisia 5dr Auto
Business£224.40per month ex. VAT
Personal£269.28per month inc. VAT
NISSAN LEAF Acenta 5dr Auto
Nissan LeafAcenta 5dr Auto
Business£248.38per month ex. VAT
Personal£298.06per month inc. VAT
NISSAN LEAF N-Connecta 5dr Auto
Nissan LeafN-connecta 5dr Auto
Business£267.57per month ex. VAT
Personal£321.08per month inc. VAT
NISSAN LEAF 2.Zero 5dr Auto
Nissan 5dr Auto
Business£272.31per month ex. VAT
Personal£326.77per month inc. VAT
Nissan LeafTekna 5dr Auto
Business£282.60per month ex. VAT
Personal£339.12per month inc. VAT

More about Nissan Leaf leasing:

Key Nissan Leaf Points

One major improvement is the speed and acceleration of this car.Thanks to its lithium iron battery and 108bhp battery-powered motor this nippy car will reach 60mph in 11.5 seconds, has a maximum speed of 89mph and realistic range of 100 miles.

The Leafs low emissions support its environmental name as when charged from a green power source it can reach an impressive zero emissions; A benefit to both your conscience and your pocket, as it costs only around a pound to tax and very little to charge.

Why lease a Nissan Leaf?

The two main reasons to lease this clever car is that it is both cheap and green, but this car is more than just a bargain and an engine, it also contains some clever gadgets to make the drive a bit more fun. For example the range-topping Tekna offers a BOSE stereo system, a heated steering wheel and seats.

Five reasons to lease a Leaf

  • Cheap
  • Green
  • Quiet to drive
  • Some fancy Gadgets
  • Plenty of speed


So if you are an environmentally conscious individual, or alternatively an oil tycoon who simply wants a cheap ride! Then give us a ring to enquire about leasing this mean green driving machine!

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