Top 10 Most Popular Cars in Russia

To many people, Russian life seems to be like a different planet not just a different country. Over the ages, Russia has had different political views, social views and tastes to most of the other nations across the globe. Differences between us and them also spill out onto the roads and driving habits. 

Russia is also a notoriously difficult place to get to and many people don't really go there on holiday which decreases the chance of seeing what their roads and car habits are like. The sights of Volkswagen Golfs and Ford Fiestas on the road is actually quite rare and you'd be surprised to read what the most popular manufacturers actually are.

Here at All Car Leasing we're big into cars and personal leasing as well as business leasing. We've compiled a list here of the top most popular cars (new cars sold) in Russia in 2017 to celebrate the Russia World Cup 2018 and to shed some light on life on the road over there. 

10. Toyota RAV 4

In tenth place is the Japanese manufacturer's compact crossover vehicle. According to figures, 32,941 Toyota RAV 4s were sold in the Motherland. As a contrast, the RAV4 was not in the UK's top 10.

9. Lada XRAY

Here's a brand that many Brits may find humorous - Lada. Perhaps famous for the wrong reasons, Lada is a manufacturer exclusive to Russia so it's no real surprised there a few Ladas on the list. The Lada XRAY is another crossover vehicle similar in size and stature to the RAV 4 with 33,319 Russians buying in 2017.

8. Lada Largus

Next on the list selling 33,601 times in 2017 is the multi tasking Lada Largus. A car that looks like a good taxi vehicle, motability or even a van the Largus looks to be an utility vehicle popular with a wide range of people. This car's UK compatriot could potentially be the likes of the old Skoda Roomster or Yeti.

7. Renault Duster

The Renault Duster will be familiar to many of you as the 'Dacia Duster'. This budget utility vehicle sold 43,828 times in 2017 - a big jump from the 8 spot.

6. Volkswagen Polo

Not a huge surprise that a Volkswagen car is on this but a surprise that it's only at number 6. Russians can see quality just like the rest of us and 48,595 Russians have gone out and got a Polo.

5. Hyundai Creta

Thr Hyundai Creta is not available in the UK despite looking very similar to the Hyundai Tucson (also known as the ix35). A crossover, hatchback, the Creta is a popular crossover in Russia during 2017 selling 55,305 units.

4. Hyundai Solaris

The Hyundai Solaris (also known as accent) is the first large hatchback on the list and looks to be the go to car for families and business in Russia. 68,614 Hyundai Solaris were sold in Russia in 2017.

3. Lada Vesta

The second Lada in the list is the Vesta sedan. Released in 2015 the Vesta quickly became one of the fastest selling cars in Russia. The Vesta can be found as a crossover and an estate. 77,291 Vestas were sold in Russia in 2017.

2. Lada Granta

Yet another hatchback from the Russian automaker in the top 10 and this one is made with collaboration with Renault. It's another hatchback, too. The Granta sold a staggering 93.686 units in 2017.

1. Kia Rio

What an unbelievable result for the Korean car maker Kia to get the top spot on the Russia most popular cars list. The Kia Rio is a great car that seems to have resonated with comrades all over Mother Russia. 96,689 Rios were sold in Russia in 2017.

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