What is a crossover?

You've probably heard the word crossover quite a bit and probably know what one looks like, but do you know exactly what a crossover is, what features they have and perhaps some of their pros and cons over other types of cars such as hatchbacks, superminis or saloons?

This article may also help you decide if leasing a crossover or not and where better to do it than All Car Leasing.

What is a crossover

A crossover is a mix of "proper" sports utility vehicles (think Range Rovers) or station wagons and a hatchback. In short, a crossover vehicle looks similar to an SUV but rides like a regular car. Crossovers are not designed for off road usage right off the bat but you may be able to find the odd one that do, especially as you get towards the more expensive editions. 

Crossover vehicles have become more and more popular as they tend to have bigger space inside than regular vehicles, a higher ride, bigger boot and generally safer on the road; they also come with that expensive ˜big car" look made famous by the Land Rover brand (ironically, famous for making actual SUVs and not crossovers). However, they are not bogged down by the increased fuel demands of thoroughbred SUVs and they don't really take much more space than hatchbacks on the road - they just look like they do a lot of the time. As far as were concerned here at All Car Leasing, when a customer wants a car with bigger space but good miles per gallon a recommendation of a crossover is never far behind. However, if a customer wants a 4x4 vehicle a crossover is usually not the answer. 

Types of crossovers

With so many different vehicles on the road there are simply too many variations of crossovers to fit into one box easily, here in this article we've tried to separate them in three different categories:

Large crossover

These are still not quite in the SUV category but still on the larger scale of crossover, examples include:

Family Crossover

Bigger than hatchbacks but not particularly large, some of these may get 4x4 capabilities towards the higher end of the model but not as standard. 

Small Crossover

A hybrid vehicle that is much closer to a hatchback than an SUV

Benefits of a crossover

Crossovers are essentially hatchbacks on stilts so you will get a raised driving position and therefore a better view of the road, the raised position also means you get better protection from impacts (this benefit also comes from the larger and sturdier body) when compared to a hatchback but not as great as a full blooded SUV. Therefore, it's an ideal personal lease.

Interior space is also usually pretty decent in a crossover outside of the ‘small crossover’ list making crossovers a good choice for families or those with dogs. Boot space is also increased quite a bit making it a good choice also as a family or a business lease.

Drawbacks of crossovers

Crossovers are more often than not not true blood SUVs so off road and four wheel drive capabilities do not come out of the box. Often many people confused a 4x4 car with a crossover. 

As there is more metal and material in a crossover, the pricing point can be in between both of these vehicle types so crossovers tend to be more expensive than hatchbacks. 


We love crossovers and so do our customers, but they may not be for everyone so be sure to consider the pros and cons with your own requirements. If you're in the market for a new vehicle and you're not sure what you want then why not call our dedicated and experience sales team? 

Alternatively, why not take a look at our car leasing personals page for the latest deals.

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