Fringe Cars You May Not Have Considered But Should in 2018

Fringe Cars You May Not Have Considered But Should in 2018
27 Jul 2018
By Ronnie Lawson-Jones

Next time you're on the road surrounding by a few cars, perhaps a traffic jam, have a look around and see what cars are around you. Do you see the same ones over and over again? If you're looking for a new car but you don't want to just get what everyone else has got and want to break away then why not consider some of these fantastic fringe cars you could lease in 2018. 

By fringe, we don't mean bad - by fringe we mean they are not the most common cars on the road but they have been reviewed very well and perhaps overlooked purely because of the badge or a lack of awareness. Well, here at All Car Leasing we've gathered some suggestions  from every category to hopefully inspire those who prefer to stand out from the crowd!

Hatchback - Mazda 3

The new Mazda 3 is a sporty hatchback with fantastic engines, generous interiors and with the new SkyActiv platform the Mazda 3 is now on a different level of build quality when compared to its predecessors. The Mazda 3 is one of the best looking, practical and affordable hatchbacks out there and should be considered for anyone looking for a compact every day family car right now.

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Mazda 3 Hatchback

Saloon - Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo have never really ventured into the saloon/executive car market until now. And boy have they made a great contender in the Giulia. Fantastically stylish as you'd expect from the outside but the biggest factor here is the practical but luxurious interior, generous boot space and overall a very good build quality. The German giants Mercedes and BMW may make overall better cars but the Giulia is still a very good car with a novelty value the others just can't touch. Consider a Giulia if you need a large family saloon or a company car that performs on the roads and is capable of turning heads. 

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Compact Crossover - Skoda Karoq

The new Karoq is a brand new crossover that's been getting top marks from various review sites left, right and centre and with good reason. The Karoq shares its platform with the Volkswagen Tiguan but does not share the price which makes the Karoq one of the best pound for pound compact crossovers on the market for the same reason why the Octavia is so popular. German engineering at affordable prices.

What makes it a fringe entry? Well, we feel Skodas are still overlooked due to the (unfair) stigma around the quality of the brand from days gone by and the over saturation of the current crossover market. Seriously, the Karoq is an absolute bargain.

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Skoda Karoq

Sports Utility Vehicle / 4x4 - Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Forget the Q7, the X5 and the GLE - what about the new kid on the block from Italy the Alfa Romeo Stelvio? The Stelvio is Alfa Romeo's first ever SUV and boy does it look good. Using the same 'Giorgio' platform that the Giulia uses the Stelvio is a striking car that has announced itself as perhaps the most stylish SUV on the market. But does it perform? Well, according to reviews all over the internet the the Stelvio is both style and substance and could herald a new age for the Italian car makers.

We're not saying the Stelvio is the best but it's a damn fine car that won't be everywhere on the road so you'll get plenty of attention. It's a well built car that drives nicely and is luxurious on the inside just like its competitors and isn't that exactly what you want when you purchase from a luxury brand?

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Family Estate - Skoda Fabia

I bet no one expected the Skoda Fabia to be listed anywhere on this blog but here it is. The Fabia hatchback won the What Car? Car of the year a few years back and this is just that car with a bigger boot. The recent facelift has now made the Fabia less of a clunky boot looking car and more in line with Skodas other straight edge cars such as the Octavia and Superb. If you are after an estate just for the extra space and don't want to break the bank then you can't do much better than the Fabia but many may not consider it as it's technically classed as a small hatch.

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Convertible - Porsche 718 (Boxster)

We know what you're thinking, either that the Porsche Boxster 718 is too expensive or that the 718 was just a poor man's Porsche. Well, it is still expensive but over the recent years the VAG have been doubling down on the Porsche marque and their cars are now much better quality and not just a fancy badge with a loud engine. The price tag and the stigma of a car that will give you more problems than thrills is what places it in the fringe category but no more.

If you want something sporty and that's well made then in our opinion the Porsche 718 should be considered. It is a phenomenally well made car that's worth the price tag if you can afford it.

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Porsche Boxster

Coupe - Nissan 370Z

The Nissan 370Z is a big, thirsty and exotic coupe that many people may not consider alongside the likes of the Audi TT or perhaps the Porsche Boxster. It may not be the most refined but the 370Z is often more accessible than other sports coupes and has a generous interior to match the V6 engine. An outside, sure, but definitely one to consider.

The evolved version of the 350Z, the 370 is a classic look about it while still being being Nissan modern inside the the latest infotainment system. Cut from the same cloth as the famous Nissan GT-R, the 370Z is a foreign thrill ride built to please any driving enthusiast. 

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Roadster - Abarth 124 Spider

Now then. This could potentially be the most fringe car on this list. One because roadsters aren't that common  on the roads and two Abarths are even less common. The Abarth 124 spider is a very well recieved roadster at the lower end of the price market for roadsters. Big fun, low cost. What's not to like?

Built to compete with the Mazda MX-5 platform which Fiat have borrowed, the 124 just has more edge than its Japanese rival and definitely more power thanks to a turbocharged engine. If you were looking at the MX-5 but wanted more bite then this is it.

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Abarth 124 spider

City Car - SEAT Mii

The SEAT Mii has the right balance of price and quality which makes it a better prospect for most than the Citigo or the Up! Take into consideration the recent release of the SEAT Mii FR-line trim and you've got yourself an ultra compact city car that looks great and drives even better. 


7 Seater - Tesla Model X

I bet when you saw the word 7 seater you were not expect a Tesla! And this is exactly why this is our choice of an outsider car. Join the economic revolution of an all electric car while still ferrying 6 people about in the new Model X. It has more boots space than the XC90, Q7, X5 and the Touareg. How impressive is that!

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Tesla Model X

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