Choose Abarth if you want something really rare on the roads as they really aren't that common. Choose an Abarth lease if you want something that will definitely give you a thrill to drive every single time as the engines and bodykits are always tuned for performance in mind. That's exactly what Abarth is about - style and performance. Obviously a love for Fiats, especially Fiat 500s is recommended.

Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty

Abarth do not make an abundance of vehicles which makes their availability very good for both personal car leasing and business car leasing. Whichever contract type you choose gets you free nationwide delivery and on going customer support from our team. All leases are brand new cars with full manufacturers warranty included.

Models and Bodystyles

Abarth make vehicles in the following guises


  • Hatchback
  • Convertible

Related Manufacturers

Abarth is a mid range performance brand which means if you like their cars then you'll probably like the performance editions of Ford leasing, Renault leasing, Peugeot leasing and Nissan leasing. Alternatively, there may be something of interest for you in our special offers section.