Special Offer
MPG 42.8
0-62 MPH 151g/km
0-62 MPH 9s
BLP £27,275
Per Month £288

As the first SUV from Seat and All Car Leasing is pleased to offer discounts across the range on your Seat Ateca Lease. All of the latest offers are visible below. 

The Ateca is a mid-sized SUV and only went on sale in Spring 2016 in the UK. Its release was key to matching rivals as this sector of the market became hugely popular a few years ago. The small/medium-sized SUV sector has gained this popularity as families looked to get a car with more road presence and versatility than your average saloon or hatchback.

The Ateca, in particular, encompasses those values extremely well for a new comer, maybe because SEAT have had time to learn from other people's mistakes. The body of the car is well proportioned and positioned on the chassis and keeps a good shape, meaning the proportions inside are just as good and will be practical for loading items.

SEAT was bought out/taken over by the Volkswagen Group in the early 2000s and since have transformed SEAT from a budget, basic brand into a hugely successful manufacturer as VW brought their reliability, quality build materials and efficiency expertise to the struggling SEAT. So now just think of SEAT as VWs little brother.

Key features

As well as its good looks the Ateca has some incredibly modern technology features, such as Keyless entry & start, camera view and park assist, blind spot detection, full LED headlights, touchscreen multimedia system with a host of connectivity options and lots of choice in colour schemes and accessories.

The model lines that you can choose from on the Ateca are S, SE, SE Technology & Xcellence with S being your entry level model and Xcellence being your top line model. There is also a choice of petrol and diesel engines ranging from 1.0 to 1.6 litre in size.


If you're looking to lease an Ateca then you've picked a great car, as because the model is so new it will hold its residual value well meaning you will pay less per month for your rentals. As with all our cars they are brand new so that means that you also benefit from low tax and no servicing for 3 years, which saves money.

For more information on how the leasing process works, visit our Car Leasing Order Process page.


The Ateca is the perfect option if you want Volkswagen efficiency, build quality and design but don't like the prices. They meet perfectly in the middle and will stand the test of time.

If you'd like to view the entire SEAT range visit the SEAT hub page where all our best deals will be.

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