More about Dacia Duster leasing:

Since crossover rose to prominence in recent years the prices have been fairly higher than hatchbacks, this is where the Duster holds the trump card. It is priced very reasonably which allows people to be able to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle for a lot, lot less. The Duster also has access to more powerful engines than the Sandero or the Logan which includes the 1.5 dCi 110 and the 1.6 petrol - this means that even without 4WD the Duster holds more power and nippier than the rest of the range.


Why Lease a Dacia Duster

Lease a Dacia Duster for access to greater engines and a higher ride than the Sandero Stepway. It sits itself in the market against the likes of the Nissan Juke, Vauxhall Mokka and perhaps the Ford Kuga however the prices for the Duster are much lower. Pound for pound the Dacia Duster is great value for money as its is cheap to lease and cheap to run.

Five reasons to lease a Dacia Duster

  1. 2WD or 4WD 
  2. More capability over the Sandero & Logan 
  3. Very Affordable 
  4. Economical 
  5. Rugged looks 


The Dacia Duster opens the door to more people than other new cars with its low prices. 4x4 used to mean a premium but Renaults budget brand that is no longer the case. Have a look around the Dacia Duster car leasing hub today for the latest thorough reviews, high-quality images and the interactive video.

Other Subcompact Crossover You Can Lease

Subcompact crossovers or 'small' crossovers are one the most popular cars we get enquiries on due to their hatchback economy and some light SUV styling. The Dacia Duster isn't the only subcompact crossover we have available to browser on our website, we have listed some other competitors to the Dacia Duster for you to consider here:

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