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Volkswagen Golf Alltrack2.0 Tdi 184 5dr Dsg
Business£324.21per month ex. VAT
Personal£474.71per month inc. VAT

More about Volkswagen Golf Alltrack leasing:

The VW Golf AllTrack is an Estate with off-road genetics to enable it to go off-road and cover tricky conditions while still providing a comfortable ride. It's pretty similar to the standard Golf Estate but it has extra reinforced body parts, jacked up suspension and All-wheel drive.

The Go-anywhere Estate sector has grown quite rapidly on the market considering the sudden boom in the demand for SUVs, and as such the Golf Alltrack has some competition from the likes of Audi's A4 AllRoad, Mercedes with their new E Class All-Terrain and the Skoda Octavia Scout.

If you're looking for the Golf GTI see here

Key features

It has a choice of 1.6 TDi or a 2.0 litre TDi diesel engine with the manual 2.0 litre providing 150bhp and the DSG automatic transmission bringing 184bhp for your use, so there are a few nice choices that won't leave you feeling over-whelmed.

The suspension has been raised by 20mm but you get a beautifully cushioned ride meaning total comfort and relaxation, even over the deepest potholes and ruts around town. Fuel economy is also decent with the Golf AllTrack being able to achieve 58.9mpg, and the handling on this car is really special. It handles like the hatchback Golf - refined and composed - with the extra grip from the all-wheel drive system giving full confidence in normal or slippery situations.

The boot space inside is class-leading as well with it having 605 litres with the rear seats up and 1,620 litres with the rear seats down. There is also loads of room in the back cabin and as with any VW the driving position is spot on and you even get a space saver spare wheel.

Reasons to lease a VW Golf AllTrack

  • Made for challenging conditions so it's hardy 
  • VW economy & efficiency credentials 
  • Great choice of engines & transmissions 
  • Spacious, modern interior 
  • All-wheel drive 
  • Expensive to buy 
  • Perfect for either Business car leasing or Personal car leasing types 


For more information about how to lease a Golf AllTrack estate or to simply ask us a question, please call us on 01565 880880, or alternatively, choose your Golf AllTrack and click the big green button to enquire online.

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