Volkswagen Caddy Life Leasing

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life C202.0 Tdi 5dr
Business£222.08per month ex. VAT
Personal£266.50per month inc. VAT
Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life C202.0 Tdi 5dr Dsg
Business£244.69per month ex. VAT
Personal£293.63per month inc. VAT

More about Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life C20 leasing:

VW says it is a practical, spacious and family-friendly MPV alternative and it's highly economical too as the latest range offers the highest rating of Euro 6 standard engines with VW's famous BlueMotion Technology.

The passenger doors and boot sill are low to the ground making it easy for people and luggage to get in and out as well as it having sliding doors on both sides of the vehicle. The vehicle also has Automatic Post-Collision braking, side & curtain airbags, Electronic Stability Contol and ABS to ensure the highest levels of safety.

There are also some great infotainment options and the DAB, Bluetooth connectivity and 5" colour touchscreen as standard makes the Caddy Life that much more appealing.

Reasons to lease a Caddy Life

  • Economical engines with highest of 61.4mpg combined 
  • Good choice of engines available 
  • Easy access from 5 generous doors 
  • Car-like technology 
  • Euro 6 safety & emissions standards 


If you've got lots of people to move and luggage to transport then the Caddy Life will suit that purpose well and will be overqualified for the job as it comes with so much more than just basic logistical qualities- perfect for both personal and business lease.

The connectivity choices, infotainment system and general interiors make it feel just like a car and is a comfortable ride too.

For more information about leasing a Caddy Life or to ask us a question please call 01565 880880, or choose your car and click the big green button to enquire online.

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