Volkswagen Up GTI Lease

The Volkswagen Up is a notorious city car; perfect for inner-city driving and anybody looking for a small car which is easy to drive and comes of a great price. The Volkswagen Up GTI is the meaner and bigger brother of the standard Up, with a feistier engine and a sportier design. The real benefits of this vehicle are its customizability and the way in which it drives. The GTI name is most notoriously associated with the golf, so the introduction of the GTI on the Up took many people by surprise, and it can also be thought to have been created to pay homage towards the Golf GTI Mk1. Although it stores a 1.0L engine, the vehicle's lightweight enables it to actually be quite nippy.

Why Lease a Volkswagen Up GTI?

The Volkswagen GTI is a brilliant vehicle to lease, especially if you are looking for a small car which is perfect for city driving. It is for those thrill seekers/ car enthusiasts who are looking for something cheap and punchy, whilst also being pretty unique at the same time. It also has a nice modern and homely feeling interior which provides a high sense of comfort in the Up GTI and is certainly more luxurious than the standard Volkswagen Up. 


  • Great for city driving
  • Cheap to lease
  • Highly customisable


Volkswagen UP GTI Specification

For its size and perceived capabilities of a city car, the Volkswagen Up GTI is actually pretty impressive and sits within the performance car bracket. It is capable of reaching 0-62 mph in just 8.8 seconds and has a maximum speed of 122 mph, making it a feisty little beast and perfect for the autobahn. In terms of fuel economy, the Up has a combined fuel economy of 58.9 miles to the gallon, which is pretty amazing and will save you in fuel costs.

Engine Performance and Economy:

The Volkswagen Up GTI stores a 1.0 litre, 3-cylinder turbocharged engine which produces 115 BHP allowing it to max a top speed of 122mph and breeze 0-62mph in just 8.8 seconds. Now that may seem slow in comparison to the Golf R and Ford Fiesta ST, but bare in mind the size of this little beast and the fact that it is sold as a city car. One of the real selling points to this vehicle is the fact that it has such good MPG with an average urban cycle of 47.1, extra-urban of 68.9 and combined at 58.9 mpg just shy of 60. So if you are looking for something that is nippy and fun and will also save you some pennies when coming to fill the tank, be sure to consider the Up GTI!


The Volkswagen Up interior features a stylish ‘Jacara’ upholstery, which gives a homely feel to the vehicle. It fits front sports seats and includes sporty minor effects like the GTI gear knob and multifunction steering wheel. As the vehicle is a city car, it doesn’t have the most advanced infotainment system and rather uses a phone holder which can be used as a screen. Your phone can be simultaneously connected with a feature called Volkswagen Connect which allows access to areas such as a fuel monitor, driving assistance and style and efficiency/driving style challenges simply through a downloadable app.

Rivals to Consider:

If the Volkswagen Up GTI hasn't quite caught your attention, why not consider a couple of its close rivals with vehicles such as the Abarth 595 or its bigger brother the Polo GTI. Alternatively, check out our special offers page for some cracking deals you can't miss out on!

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