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Why lease a Volkswagen?

The 'people's car' was determined in the early 30s by Henry Ford (yep the guy himself) and was created to be the centre of European sales and commerce through the Ford Motor Company, which was translated to 'Volkswagen'. Shortly afterward the first ever designs for the Beetle were created and accredited in around 1925. And the brand was born.

Today Volkswagen cars are part of the well-established and popular 'German Big 3' along with BMW and Mercedes and are part of this mostly due to the exceptional reliablility of their cars. Over the last 6 years the VW Golf alone has won awards such as Car of the Year, Fleet Car of the Year & Business Car of the Year, and the Polo is following suit with its awards for European Car of the Year in 2010 and 2016 Winner of the Supermini category at the AutoExpress Awards.

What's new this year?

Well, VW released the limited addition GTi Clubsport S which was designed to be a track car capable of everday road use, with a monster engine packing 310 bhp which blasted around the Nurburgring track in 7 minutes and 49 seconds. It's not made to be practical and has a roll-cage, racing steering-wheel and not much of the ususal Golf technology inside, but when it does 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds we don't think anyone will care. This car also shares its DNA with a more ferocious beast - the GTI TCR racing car which was launched at the beginning of this year.

VW have also released a new version of their compact city car, the Up!, which has exceeded sales targets across the world and has been top of its class since its launch in 2011.

Released this summer was the all-new VW Tiguan, which is now starting to grace our roads. The completely new design has improved the small downfalls of the old model, such as rear passenger space, excitement and overall value for money. Reviews have backed this up and the new look is much more bold and eye-catching if you ask us.

Reasons to lease a Volkswagen

Again this manufacturer has such deep heritage that it's no wonder the range of cars available is vast, and as such you are very likely to find a car that will suit your needs, whether you want to lease a Volkswagen for business or personal use. VW cars aren't meant to be top of the range but aren't also part of the budget end of the market. Volkswagen cars are built with quality materials and are extremely reliable and safe, which is possibly their unique selling point, so they are very popular especially the Golf and Polo hot-hatchbacks. This means that these cars hold their value well and are excellent to lease for both Business & Personal use as your rental price is likely to be low.

Some excellent reasons to lease a Volkswagen:

  • Reliability & safety are key design points
  • Fantastic infotainment system in each car including Bluetooth connectivity
  • A range of engines for each model means you can personalise your VW
  • VW range is vast and covers almost every segment of the market
  • An array of awards proves VW is a trusted and successful brand

If you already know what you want then that's fantastic, give our team a call now on 01565 880880 and they can set you up with your unique Volkswagen car leasing deal. If you're still unsure then simply browse our range of Volkswagen cars and using the tools on each page you'll get a much better idea of what you want from your car.

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