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Why lease a Toyota?

One of the world’s leading car brands for efficiency and innovation is Toyota. Since 1937, the Japanese car manufacturers have sold nearly 10 million of their cars per year worldwide and they are the twelfth largest company in the world based on revenue. For some trivia, 80% of Toyota cars that were bought twenty years ago are still on the roads today, which is a fair achievement, and one that probably only Volvo can match.

Toyota were also the pioneers in the hybrid technology market early on, producing the Prius which nobody really bought into at the time, now is one of the worlds most economical cars. 

So what's new this year?

Toyota have added new cars to their range of Hybrid models including the new Prius, a new crossover, or Coupe High-rider, the C-HR coming later this year which promises cutting-edge designs, spaceship-like interior cabin and distinctive boomerang shaped rear lights.

As well as that Toyota are releasing a new version of the Rav4 which was one of the first original 4x4/crossovers to be sold in Britain. Expect everything you can think of to be on a standard, model including touchscreen infotainment system, 3-spoke leather steering wheel with mounted controls, Stop/Start system, air conditioning, cruise control, illuminated entry system, follow-me-home headlights, privacy glass on rear windows, shark-fin antenna, 17" alloy wheels and rear spoiler. That's a long list for a car that starts from just £23,695.

Reasons to lease a Toyota

Not only do their petrol and diesel engined cars come with an enormous amount of equipment as standard, their hybrid range is well developed and is leading the industry, so if you're thinking of getting a hybrid car a good way to test if it suits your lifestyle is to lease one, which takes away the risks because at the end of the lease term you can just hand the car back. Also, it is claimed that hybrid cars cost as much as 4 times less to run than diesel powered vehicles, so you'd be saving a lot of money if you went for a hybrid Toyota car leasing deal.

Summarised below are some great reasons to lease a Toyota car:

  • Fantastic choice in the range as well as Hybrid cars so you're very likely to find a Toyota lease to suit you
  • One of the most successful car manufacturers in the world which means reliability and quality are assured
  • Toyota cars can be leased for Personal & Business uses and leasing terms are custom made to meet your needs
  • Hybrid technology practically founded by Toyota means that if you want to test one out, this is the perfect brand to choose
  • Cars are filled with technology and clever features to ensure your driving experience is exceptional

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