Key Toyota Land Cruiser Points

The Toyota Land Cruiser is available in two trims; Icon and Invincible. Both are absolutely fantastic, it just depends if you want to go from total brilliance and step it up another notch! What you get as standard with the Icon is a 3.0 litre D-4D Diesel Automatic 5 door, 7 seater. Included in the Icon package are 18" alloy wheels, front and rear parking sensors, automatic headlights and rain sensitive wipers, you also get rear privacy glass, a chrome radiator grill, leather seats and 14 speakers for the entertainment system. Invincible includes a 3.0 litre D-4D Diesel Automatic rewards you with memory leather seats, a sunroof, multi-terrain with 4 cameras and a Blue Ray 9†CD and DVD player. Pretty nifty don't you think?

Why Lease a Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a machine that's been created for your off-roading leasing needs and nothing else. Oh, hang on, it's also been created to ensure it is a home from home, so when you and your family are on those long journeys it is incredibly comfortable, we would even go so far as saying the Toyota Land Cruiser is luxurious, it also has enough technology to keep the family entertained. But what about you, the driver, the lease owner? Well you get an incredible car, with incredible manufacturing, reliability, durability, top of the range equipment, and a very good range of 34.9 miles per gallon for this type of car.

Five reasons to lease a Toyota Land Cruiser

  • High-quality interior 
  • Excellent technical improvements 
  • Seven seats 
  • Brilliant off-roading vehicle 
  • Reliable 


In short, if you would like to be the owner of the Toyota Land Cruiser lease then call us today. This is an incredible off-roading car, it looks magnificent, its high and dominating on the roads and the engines are huge, plus there's plenty of space inside for all!

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Still can't find what you're looking for?

If you're still looking for a vehicle but the Toyota Land Cruiser isn't quite what you are after then why not check out the car lease or the car leasing special offers page for the freshest deals.

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