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Model 3
Business£339.69per month ex. VAT
Personal£407.63per month inc. VAT
Model S
Business£655.38per month ex. VAT
Personal£786.46per month inc. VAT
Model X
Business£695.94per month ex. VAT
Personal£835.13per month inc. VAT
All Star Reviews

What our customers have said about Tesla vehicles



Model 3StandardAbsolutely fantastic. Was quite a long wait time because its a brand new model but well worth it and it allowed me to choose the autonomous driving package and blue paint. Not had the car for long but
enjoying it so far, thanks all car.

Read MoreA. Tamworth2019-11-29


Model S241kw 75kwh Dual Motor 5dr AutoThis is the best car I've ever driven. I downgraded from a BMW i8 but wanted to stay electric and let me tell you Tesla are miles ahead with their technology. Incredible performance, interior and supp
ort from both All Car and Tesla themselves. Would recommend to anyone looking to take the leap to all electric. Wow!

Read MoreNigel Robinson2019-04-15

More about Tesla leasing:

Groundbreaking technology and futuristic are words synonymous with Tesla, a relatively new manufacturer of electric vehicles that have unique designs both internally and externally. Although limited by the manufacturer's current range of vehicles the all-electric powerplant in every Tesla has been developed to offer, power, comfort and reliability. Eco-friendly to run with exceptional performance and power, driving a premium brand such as Tesla is a statement.

Special offers are available from All Car Leasing for any Tesla lease model, whether you need a family-sized SUV, an executive saloon or a super roadster, our staff are on hand to give you the best possible service.

Why choose Tesla?Tesla Leasing

Tesla doesn't make a massive amount of different vehicles but what they do are extremely modern, economical powerhouses design to dazzle and thrill passers-by and of course the driver and passengers. Lease a Tesla if you want to stand out from the crowd in absolute style. Teslas are an excellent choice as a personal lease and a business lease

Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty

Tesla only makes two models at the time of writing which is generally in stock with short turnarounds. All our Teslas come with free nationwide delivery to your door and full Tesla warranty. A maintenance package is recommended. 

Click here for more details on Tesla's warranty

Models and Bodystyles

Currently, Tesla only makes hatchbacks in the guide of the Model S and Model X.

Related Manufacturers

There's no one quite like Tesla but if you don't fancy what's on offer here we recommend taking a look at Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover. Alternatively, take a look at our special offers page.

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