Special Offer
MPG 45
0-62 MPH -
0-62 MPH 6.1s
BLP £32,500
Per Month £469
Special Offer
MPG 45
0-62 MPH -
0-62 MPH 4.4s
BLP £40,833
Per Month £585
MPG 45
0-62 MPH -
0-62 MPH 4.2s
BLP £41,667
Per Month £716

Why lease a Tesla Model 3?

Tesla made it their mission after the success of the X and S to create a vehicle that was more affordable but still incredibly technologically advanced whilst still having great performance and comfort. The Model 3 is a competitor to the ever-popular BMW 3-series, but of course, is fully-electric and more advanced in terms of safety and technology, so makes a great vehicle for both personal and business lease. The Model 3 can achieve 0-60mph in a mere 3.2 seconds with its top-spec model and has great handling due to being all-wheel drive. 

Engines and Trims

Below are the available engine specifications in the Model 3. You have the choice between a standard and the performance variant.

Available features:

  • 360° Rear, side and forward-facing cameras
  • 160m Forward-facing radar
  • 12 Ultrasonic sensors
  • Autopilot
  • Auto Lane Change
  • Autopark
  • Full self-driving hardware

Availability, Delivery, Maintenance and Warranty

We are great at sourcing Tesla Model 3's and as a result of that, you can expect quick turnarounds after your order. All Tesla Model 3's come with free nationwide delivery and full manufacturer's warranty, as well as an optional maintenance package. 

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Still Can't Find What You're Looking For?

If the Tesla Model 3 still wasn't quite what you were looking for, be sure to check out our car leasing special offers page for the very latest deals.