Kia Stonic Leasing Deals - 5 found

KIA STONIC 1.4 MPi 2 5dr
Kia Stonic1.4 Mpi 2 5dr
Business£147.28per month ex. VAT
Personal£177.65per month inc. VAT
KIA STONIC 1.0T GDi 2 5dr
Kia Stonic1.0t Gdi 2 5dr
Business£154.53per month ex. VAT
Personal£186.46per month inc. VAT
KIA STONIC 1.6 CRDi 2 5dr
Kia Stonic1.6 Crdi 2 5dr
Business£166.65per month ex. VAT
Personal£200.69per month inc. VAT
KIA STONIC 1.0T GDi First Edition 5dr
Kia Stonic1.0t Gdi First Edition 5dr
Business£187.20per month ex. VAT
Personal£231.84per month inc. VAT
Kia Stonic1.6 Crdi First Edition 5dr
Business£197.90per month ex. VAT
Personal£244.68per month inc. VAT

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