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AUDI RS5 2.9 TFSI Quattro 2dr Tiptronic
Audi RS52.9 Tfsi Quattro 2dr Tiptronic
Business£600.12per month ex. VAT
Personal£720.14per month inc. VAT

More about Audi RS5 leasing:

The Audi RS5 is the super German coupe with a monster 450bhp 4.2-litre V8 under the hood. This is the big brother to the other Audi models and it will definitely show its power and prowess on the road and track.

Key Audi RS5 Points

The RS5 is the top spec over the A5 coupe and the S5. This model is considerably more powerful than its kin. With that amazing engine, I totally agree. This car comes as a coupe or a cabriolet, both 4.2 FSI Quattro 2dr S Tronic. The Quattro is always a great additive on Audis as it keeps the cars stuck to the road on those high speed journeys. In the RS5 you’ll need the Quattro to stop you from flying away. It’s that good!

Despite a performance car this is equally popular with personal leasers and business

Why lease an Audi RS5 

Why would you lease this car? Well you’d lease this car because it looks absolutely stunning when stable and on the go. The car is so bold, striking and very luxurious. You would lease the RS5 for its high performance capabilities, its racing qualities and its everyday practicalities. You have plenty of interior space in the front and back and you have a lot of space in the boot for your belongings too! You would lease the Audi because it has an amazing pedigree behind it. Whilst it is essentially a powerhouse racing spec car, it retains its luxury style and high quality build. 

Five reasons to lease an Audi RS5 

  1. Amazing engine inside 
  2. Staggering Aesthetics 
  3. Two Tone Paint Work 
  4. High quality interior and exterior 
  5. Practical with racing performance  


To summarise, the Audi RS5 is a lovely car with racing performance capabilities, whilst still being an everyday practical car to get you from A to B. This is a German engineered car so this will be very reliable like most German cars. It has a well-made, well laid out interior and just take a look at it. You just can’t forget the looks of this car. The RS5 will definitely impress and thrill its drivers. 

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