The back of a silver hybrid car - Reasons To Lease A Hybrid Vehicle

Reasons To Lease A Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrid vehicles are a part of our future. An alternative option for drivers who wish to consume less fuel but equally emit less CO2. In efforts to push for clean energy, hybrid vehicles have become much more popular in recent years around the world. Most notably amongst fleet vehicles where businesses save money each year by consuming less petrol or diesel. Since hybrid cars have gained so much interest, here’s a number of reasons why leasing a hybrid vehicle may be the perfect option for you. 

What is a hybrid car? 

Hybrid vehicles may appear to be a relatively new development, however this technology has been around for decades. Hybrid cars are different to traditional motors in the way that they use more than one source of power. Typically this will include using a conventional petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor. Many manufacturers have taken this technology and created various types of hybrid cars, working to use the power of the engine with the electric motor to run a car that is cost-effective and more environmentally friendly. 

The first mass produced hybrid vehicle was the Toyota Prius released in 1997. This release truly changed the perception of hybrid technology. Later becoming the world’s best-selling hybrid, generating a surge in interest for hybrid vehicles. 

Why you should consider a hybrid car 

There are a number of reasons why hybrid vehicles have gained so much popularity and why you should consider a hybrid car. 

1 - Hybrid cars offer a similar driving experience to cars you are already familiar with. 

Most drivers will equate driving a hybrid vehicle with driving a standard automatic vehicle. Although they are powered by two different energy sources you won’t feel this difference. Although in most modern models, drivers do have the choice of maximising the efficiency of their hybrid vehicle by enabling various power modes that are dependent on the driving conditions. 

2 - You will be lowering your carbon emissions. 

As we should all be more concerned about our contribution to climate change and global warming, hybrid cars offer a simple alternative to driving traditional petrol and diesel vehicles. Thanks to the use of an electric motor, a hybrid vehicle will emit less carbon dioxide. 

3- A great alternative to an electric car. 

There are several reasons why some drivers are not yet ready to make a complete transition to an all electric vehicle. Perhaps you drive too many miles in a day and can’t find a model to match your mileage requirements or you do not have access to the charging infrastructure in your local area to run an electric vehicle. Whatever the reason may be, a hybrid vehicle does not raise these concerns but continues to help reduce carbon emissions and cut fuel costs. Additionally, if you live in a clean air zone or are subject to low emission zone charges on your daily commute, your choice of hybrid vehicle may be exempt. 

Hybrid car lease deals and models from All Car Leasing 

Hybrid car leasing has become one of the fastest-growing types of leasing in the world of cars. More and more people have become interested in the benefits of driving a hybrid vehicle and have turned to car leasing as a viable and budget-friendly option to driving a hybrid model. 

At All Car Leasing we offer hybrid lease deals on a wide range of hybrid models. From the likes of Toyota, Mazda, Kia, and Renault. Save on fuel, reduce emissions, and never worry about running out of charge with the perfect in between standard motors and EVs.