Insane New Aventador S Due in 2017

New Lamborghini Aventador S

Yes, I'm talking about the Lamborghini Aventador. That furious, batmobile-like machine that we've all had posters up on our walls of. Well, since that car took over from the Murcielago it seems only fitting that a more ridiculous version of the current Aventador should be next, and that's exactly what Lambo plans to do. 

Lamborghini Aventador 

The current Aventador was introduced in 2011, taking the reins from the Murcielago which had an enormously long life cycle of 9 years. But Lamborghini isn't going to make the current Aventador stretch that long, instead they're upgrading and evolving the current car. Spy-shots of the new Aventador S reveals a car with much more detail in aerodynamics and the engineering of the air flow intakes and outflows with the body of the car keeping the stunning, aggressive stance with a few tweaks here and there. The spy-shots revealed that the new Aventador has a redesigned front end with smaller intakes in the place of the old, much larger ones and the bottom of the nose has a new long, flat intake with a honeycomb grille. The rear of the car has slightly less difference in the overall design with a new aggressive looking rear diffuser housing a large, redesigned exhaust exit tailpipe and the staggered set of wings layered down the rear windscreen coupled with the downward pointing air tracks just scream Lamborghini. And why stray away from what works, and what looks absolutely incredible? 

Aventador S style

Looking at the front of the car what's truly noticeable are the enormous rear haunches of it. This is down to the fact that Lamborghini have added much larger air intakes into the body styling to improve the aerodynamics. You can almost fit someone in there the gap is so big. As well as the oversized haunch intakes there are three more cleverly positioned openings above on the shoulder of the car, directing air purposefully in and out again down the rear of the car and over the rear wing providing extra downforce. The way designers and engineers come up with intricate new ways of using a natural resource to make supercars faster is really mind-blowing. If these cars didn't include aerodynamics not only would the car overheat and self-combust, it would simply take off like a missile. And where would your Nurburgring record be then? As this technology develops faster than we can blink it means we constantly see new records and timed laps, powertrains and extremely clever tricks that make cars like this go faster and faster. A Trademark application has been made for the name Aventador S which means it's pretty much guaranteed and the spy shots of the new car testing at the Nurburgring mean a reveal is very close. We don't know much about what new powertrains the Aventador S will include or whether it will have any cool techy features inside, but time will tell. We can make a few educated guesses, however.

Lamborghini performance

The first guess is that we expect the power to go up, to approximately 710bhp, 20bhp more than the current Aventador which isn't much at all here but that's because we don't expect it to be greater than the Aventador SV which has 740bhp. As well as that Lamborghini has made a 710bhp 50 Anniversario Edition Aventador before now, so it would seem convenient for them to use the same powertrain here. We still expect it to bring a 6.5-litre V12 engine to the party but we assume it will be newly-tuned, refined and much more ferocious housed within the fantastic new bodywork. So when are we expecting the new Batmobile? It's likely more details will be released in the new year such as prices, specs and technical data which will be closely followed by a first release probably early Spring 2017.

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