The All New Toyota Corolla

The All New Toyota Corolla
11 Feb 2019
By Ross Wild

This year hosts some of the most exciting car news we have heard in a while. With the introduction of plenty of brand new car models across the automotive industry- with one of which being the brand new Toyota Corolla. The Corolla comes with the choice between a hatchback, tourer and sedan in the UK, all of which being amazing vehicles. You can choose between a frugal hybrid version for better fuel economy and saved fueling costs or the more punchy petrol variant. Either way, the choice of any of the Toyota Corolla's is a good one as it makes the perfect family vehicle due to its size, which in turn makes it ideal for personal car leasing and business lease. 


The all-new Toyota Corolla Hatchback is a must this year, due to its flush and modernised styling with amazing capabilities. It has a curved design and 5 doors so has great practicality, making it brilliant for inner-city driving and perfect for drivers who want little driving hassle. As of its small size, it is nimble and provides a very fun driving experience.


The Corolla Estate variant is the perfect vehicle if you are in need of extra space and want increased practicality. This is due to its extra interior space, as well as folding rear seats with the feature of 60/40 rear split, which provide enough space for you to fit whatever you want in. The estate makes a great car for dog-walkers and business associates due to its high practicality and great styling.


The Toyota Corolla Saloon is set to be a hit this year due to its new innovative style and brilliant technological capability. The New Corolla provides some of the most advanced safety features up to date as well as a nifty infotainment system for in-car entertainment. All-in-all, whichever Corolla you go for is going to be a good decision.



17" Machined Alloy Wheel
Auto Wipers
Auto Fold Mirrors
Privacy Glass
LED Fog Lights


18" Alloy Wheel
Bi-LED Lights
Smart Entry
Sports Seats
Interior Illumination


LED Lights
Toyota Safety Sense 
Adaptive Cruise Control
Reversing Camera
4.2" Colour Display

Icon Tech

Parking Sensors
7" Colour Display
Front Parking Sensors
Toyota Touch 2

Different Trims incorporate features from one another, please contact a member of our team on 01565880880, or alternatively, email us to find out more!


Corolla Interior

The Toyota Corolla has a new and innovative home-like interior, which will make you more comfortable than ever before. It is equipped with a nifty infotainment system, which includes a tablet with quick access to navigation, phone calls and your favourite music instantly, as well as having a JBL Sound system to further increase the luxury that the vehicle has to offer.

As mentioned before, there is also the feature of folding the rear seats to create more space for essentials or dogs etc... With a 60/40 split for increased ease. 


The Table below showcases the choice of engines in the Toyota Corolla, feel free to take a look!

Engine Name Fuel Engine Size Transmission 0-62 Horsepower Top Speed Combined MPG CO2
1.2 VVt-i Petrol 1.2L Manual N/A 114 N/A TRUE 118g/km
2.0 Vvt-i Hybrid 2.0L Automatic N/A 178 N/A TRUE 101g/km
1.8 Vvt-i Hybrid 1.8L Automatic N/A 122 N/A TRUE 83g/km

From the table, you can gather that the Toyota Corolla offers a great variety of choice between engine sizes. The Corolla is great if you are looking for a vehicle that is luxurious and has a great fuel economy as well as performance, so it truly ticks everyone's boxes.

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