The New 2019 Suzuki Jimny

The Jimny has been around for absolutely decades, though its sported Suzuki's 4WD technology right from the start back in 1970. Back once again with a much more modern face-lift, the Jimny marque is just shy of its 50th anniversary but still uses the same formula as its predecessors - a cheap, small, rugged & lightweight off-roader. Built to cater to personal leasing and business leasing customers. 

If the Jimny could be described in one word, it would be functional. It's certainly not powerful, but that also doesn't mean it's not a cut-above the competition - the previous 1.3-litre engine has been replaced with a new 1.5-litre, four cylinder petrol engine (though the full stats haven't been released on it just yet, we do know it'll have 101bhp and 130Nm of torque) available with either a 5 speed manual or a four speed automatic. There's no option for a diesel engine either, as Suzuki have recently decided to remove all diesel options from their line-up due to a lack of demand. If you're wondering about its ability to deal with tough terrain, the Jimny has a ground clearance of 210mm and can handle an initial approach angle of 37 degrees a departure angle of 49 degrees. While it's not a car you typically buy for the daily drive, it's certainly a bit of a fringe car you can dip your toes into some off-road action on the weekends!

Should you consider the Jimny?


+ Incredibly affordable for an off-roader

+ Looks like a baby G-Wagon!

+ Scratch-resistant plastic surrounds the car

+ Handy boot-opening


- Boot is tiny until you fold the back seats down

- Not many colours to choose from (with a rather eccentric 'Kinetic Yellow' option available)

- Almost as utilitarian as a Dacia (but in fairness, Suzuki is a budget brand, and the Jimny was built for a specific purpose)

- Only one engine

On the inside...

The interior of the new Jimny uses lots of hard black plastic, but it's styled quite nicely. Suzuki says "there is little to distract from driving. Its stylish black interior is humble yet handsome, and controls are designed for quick and easy operation even when wearing gloves. Every detail is thoughtfully and attractively crafted to support serious off-roading." You can tell the face-lift has been designed with real world use in mind despite being built on a budget, the model even gets a seven-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity, along with sat-nav available as an optional extra - an enormous step over its predecessor.

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