Dyson's Electric Car

As you probably already know, Dyson is the leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, dryers, and bladeless fans, so you would be surprised to find out that they are moving into the motoring industry and have decided to create an electric vehicle.

The History of Dyson

In 1974, James Dyson made one of the biggest discoveries of his life. He had bought a Hoover Junior vacuum cleaner which he deemed to be inefficient as it became easily clogged and lost suction. After trying to fix it and failing, he realised from his place of work that the function of a cyclone would solve the issue without it clogging, he took his findings home and created a downscaled version out of cardboard and scotch tape and found it to work much better than the Hoover he was previously using- so a lightbulb pinged in his head. He was fired from his job, where he then started creating prototypes at home and actually developed over 5000 between 1979 and 1984, and was able to start his company to which he had massive success, as James Dyson has a net worth of a whopping $5.2 billion USD to this day!- this has allowed him to expand into other markets and trail different concepts such as the production of the Electric Car! 


Information on the Electric Car

The Dyson electric car has been scheduled to be built in Singapore and launched between 2020 and 2021. The decision to manufacture in Singapore was not down to the results of Brexit according to Dyson but based on the ideology that the Asian motoring industry and especially China is expected to become massively specialised in all-electric vehicles. This idea also isn't strange for Dyson either as none of their existing products are manufactured out of their headquarters in Wiltshire, Uk, either. 

According to Dyson, cost apparently isn't an issue, as the company has decided to commit £2 billion to the project and has already created around 400 jobs for the case. The battery tech used is from Sakti3, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dyson Ltd based in Michigan, United States. They focus on advancing battery cells to have a higher energy density, allowing them to be longer-lasting, of more reliability and overall safer whilst having a quicker recharge rate, a perfect innovation to the already advanced electric vehicle industry- which has been incorporated into Dysons electric car project. Dyson has said that the model will come of a high cost, but will not fit into the luxury sports car market, battling with rivals such as Ferrari, Porsche and the likes of the Mercedes AMG and their main competitor being Tesla, hopefully, their bladeless fan technology will be incorporated to blow this competition away! They will then focus on the development of a further two models in years to follow.  

Concept Competitors



In terms of other Concept electric vehicles, the Dyson vehicle will also compete with the likes of the Google self-driving car Waymo, founded in 2009 as the self-driving car project and renamed as Waymo in 2016 and current vehicles such as the BMW i8 at a higher degree. In terms of the Waymo though, it has installed sensors and software designed to detect just about everything, including pedestrians, other vehicles, road signs, shops, the lot; and evaluates around a mile in distance. This software is going to be implemented in various cities to improve overall safety and the ease of commuting and is even in use in some areas of the United States already, such as California- which is noted in the above image. 



Bosch Car

The Bosch concept vehicle is another one that is inevitably going to clash with the likes of Dyson's electric car. Bosch sits in a similar industry to that of Dyson as they provide electric tools such as drills and ovens and have also looked into expanding into another industry. Similar to Dyson, they are looking to provide efficiency through low-voltage systems to increase the driving range and overall capability. The benefit of this electric system is that it reduces the need for battery capacity all whilst having no fuel consumption. These electric vehicles truly are the future of the motoring industry.

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