2019 Mazda Electric Vehicle

Mazda 2019 EV

2019 will bring Mazda up to speed in the electric car industry, introducing new rivals to prominent cars in this field such as the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3. The 2019 Mazda is yet to be named and currently being called the 'Mazda EV' simply standing for electric vehicle. The nameless battery powered beauty is the child of Toyota and Mazda.

Toyota and Mazda Partnership

Toyota technology is the driving force behind the Mazda EV, which will enable Mazda to create cars that are entirely electric as well as hybrid versions of the vehicle. The electric Toyota technology in Mazda is currently available in Japan as a personal car lease and a business car lease; however, Mazda fans elsewhere are all anticipating the arrival of the new Mazda EV. It's even rumoured that the return of the rotary engine, last seen on the Mazda RX-8, is on the cards with the production of the 2019 Mazda EV. It is believed that the introduction of a rotary engine will be lovely and light as well as producing extra power. There is said to be an exciting line up of Mazda EV's for 2019.

Current electric vehicles

But if electric cars excite you and you're simply not willing to wait . . . there are plenty of options available right now in the electric car world. Let's take a look!

BMW i3
BMW i3

BMW i3

The BMW i3 combines both driving pleasure and eco-responsibility in one. The i3 creates zero emissions, which means drivers are exempt from rad tax in driving one. However, B,W have certainly not comprised the performance, agility and handling of the BMW i3 for the lovely eco-friendly nature of this vehicle.

Nissan Leaf

If you are environmentally conscious and you would love the financial benefits of an electric vehicle, along with the hassle-free approach of an electric car, then you will love the minimalistic approach of the Nissan Leaf. Nissan created their lovely Leaf with the intention of including fewer parts and an engine size that's half the weight of most, leading to less maintenance and a lightweight which is a desired feature in any electric car. The aerodynamic exterior shape of the vehicle contributes to the power saving design of the Nissan Leaf and the 100% electric nature of the vehicle further contributes to its lightweight nature.

VW E-Golf
VW E-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf 

The Volkswagen e-Golf has energy savings written all over it. From the LED rear lights to the electronic climate control, Volkswagen have harnessed electricity and combined it with usability and design to create an electric vehicle that is just as fun to drive. Don't be fooled by this car's quiet nature; if you're looking for a hot hatch that also packs some power, as well as holding agility and honed handling, then the Volkswagen e-Golf might be the one for you.

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