Car of the Year 2018

Car of the Year 2018
03 Dec 2018
By Richard Bolton
The first annual All Car Leasing Car of the year awards looks at all cars available to lease from all of our funders and partners in 2018, our decision is based on the style of the car, driving quality, standard equipment, value for money and finally the cost of leasing. All of the below cars are available as personal car leasing and business car leasing deals.

  • Small Hatchback of the year
  • Family car of the year
  • Small Crossover of the year
  • Sports Coupe of the year
  • Hot Hatch of the year
  • Executive car of the year
  • Ev of the year
  • SUV of the year
  • Small Hatchback of the Year 2018

    Leading the small hatchbacks is the new Mercedes-A Class, the previous generation set a high standard for the new range that has not disappointed. Easily one of the best equipped small hatchbacks on the market and possibly the best looking, even entry-level trims exceed expectation. All Car has had a series of amazing offers on the A-Class throughout the year and has delivered plenty of AMG-line cars to happy customers and expect to continue the trend through 2019.

    Small Hatchback of the year A Class Mercedes

    Other considerations include the Skoda CityGo and Volkswagen Polo.

    Family Car of the year 2018

    Edging its way into the top spot for the family car category is the facelifted Ford Focus hatchback. A new release for 2018 the long-awaited update has brought the ageing Ford Focus a well-needed lift. Smartphone connectivity, economical and performance petrol engine options trims include the ST-line, Titanium and classic Zetec catering for all needs, Ford has built this car around their customers and the sales and lease figures since the release of the all-new Focus.

    Family car of the year ford focus

    Other considerations include the Skoda Octavia and Audi A3 Sportback.

    Small Crossover car of the year 2018

    Volvo XC40 is the smallest crossover available from the Swedish manufacturer, with its iconic rear light configuration and market-leading safety rating from NCAP a new Volvo XC40 is available from just £246.99 + VAT per month. With a range of technology as standard, the space, comfort and economy of the Volvo XC40 are unrivalled by any of the competition. If you're confused by the difference between a crossover and an SUV click here.

    Small crossover of the year Volvo XC40

    Other Considerations Peugeot 3008 and the Dacia Duster.

    Sports Coupe car of the year 2018

    Another facelift for 2018 is the Mazda MX-5 a new model has brought the ageing MX-5 a new lease of life, an update in the cockpit uses digital displays, smartphone connectivity. The smooth sweeping lines that the MX-5 was known for have been replaced with sharp crisp lines that direct airflow along the body and draw the eye to the reshaped rear of the car. Despite its budget price tag, the MX-5 remains a market leader and the base for other derivatives in the market including our other considerations.

    Sports Coupe of the year Mazda MX5

    Other considerations Abarth 124 Spider and BMW Z4

    Hot Hatchback car of the year 2018

    The winner of the 2018 Hot hatchback car of the year from All Car Leasing is the Ford Fiesta ST, a lightweight version of the bigger Ford Focus ST that has a much bigger price tag although the level of comfort, standard specification and badge credit is very much the same the performance difference between the two in our opinion doesn’t justify the cost gap. Design features inside and out are leading the market and 3 door hatchback is standard for the hot hatch market with performance being the major consideration for this category.

    Hot hatchback of the year Ford Fiesta ST

    Other considerations include the Volkswagen Golf R and BMW M140i Shadow Edition.

    Executive car of the year 2018

    This category focuses on the finer details, Volvo has long been a valued brand, renown for their workhorse ability to run endlessly, for high mileage contracts the high level of safety features, driving aids, and luxury trim are leagues ahead of the competition, while the A6 comes close and the estate, sportback and crossover ranges are more versatile than the V60 the sports styling and performance focus of Audi takes away from the luxury feel that is demanded by an executive lease car. We are also pleased to announce that customers throughout the year have agreed with ourselves with the majority of V60 lease deals in 2018 were taken by professionals or businesses.

    Executive car of the year Volvo V60

    Other considerations Audi A6 and the Peugeot 508

    EV Car of the year 2018

    With the rise of the greener vehicles and the drop in hybrids for fully electric vehicles, the rising category needs to be acknowledged as one of the most important areas for the future, with more than 100,000 electric vehicles registered in 2018. The style of the Leaf is modern and bright with conveniences including smartphone connectivity, parking sensors and cruise control. The leaf is also the mid-range lease vehicle between the cheaper Renault and much bigger Jaguar I-Pace.

    Ev of the year 2018 Nissan Leaf

    Other considerations Golf GTE and the Renault Zoe.

    SUV of the year 2018

    Considering its position in our best winter car blog it is no wonder that the Land Rover Discovery is our pick for the SUV of the year, with its ample boot and cabin space, high-quality interior as well as its on road and off road capabilities, the latest Disco is price fairly for the level of trim and equipment and has proven its value for money completing every challenge thrown at it. Land Rover has long been a byword for quality and the Discovery is one of the most popular off-road capable vehicles available today.

    SUV of the year 2018 Land Rover Discovery

    Other considerations Land Rover Range Rover Velar and the Audi Q7

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