The Audi RSQ3 is the performance variant of the popular Audi Q3 and one of the fastest small SUVs money can buy. But, performance is not all the RSQ3 has - on the inside is it a luxurious and family friendly SUV with the latest technologies and comfort Audi has to offer. This is simply a superb car which will cater for those looking for both a thrill and practicality.

More about Audi RSQ3 leasing:

The RSQ3 boasts a 2.5L engine, 400 brake horsepower and a 0-62 of 4.5 making it a serious piece of kit. Permanent all wheel drive improves its acceleration which will make onlookers amazed that a car of that size and shape can move so quickly. On the inside, it is similar to an S-Line Q3 but Audi have of course added RS seats and finishes to make it more racy. However, having recently had a makeover with the Q3 the interior is as modern as it gets with the virtual cockpit and a large 10.1” HD infotainment system with a built in RS mode which shows the various performance indicators.

From a practicality and every day use of point of view you get the usual cruise control, climate control, parking sensors and heated seats. Moreover, the RSQ3 comes with a generous 530 litre boot in both sportback and estate versions.  

Why Lease an Audi RSQ3

Clearly, performance is the first thing that drives most to want to lease an Audi RSQ3, it is simply the fastest small SUV on the UK market. However, it is also a Q3 underneath which makes it a perfectly capable family car with all the practicalities you’d expect to find such as the infotainment system and the large 530 litre boot.

Five reasons to lease an Audi RSQ3

  1. Unrivalled performance in its segment
  2. Luxurious interior
  3. Practical vehicle underneath the performance visage
  4. Recently refreshed so up to date
  5. Fantastic residual values


The Audi RSQ3 is a simply amazing vehicle which looks great inside and out. But, its performance capabilities is what sets is apart from the normal Q3 and these can’t be understated - with 400 BHP and a 0-62 of 4.5 seconds it is one of the quickest vehicles on the road.