It's not often that manufacturers actually end up producing models that are near enough identical to its original concept design however Toyota have given us a pleasant surprise with the C-HR. "Combining agile proportions with generous space" the CHR offers excellent everyday practicality and is a trendy choice for a new family car, especially due to its excellent fuel economy.

Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty

Toyota C-HRs have good availability across the board and free nationwide delivery is available. All of our C-HR deals come with the standard manufacturers warranty.

For more information on the Toyota CHR's warranty, click here.

Our Top 5 Reasons To Lease The Toyota C-HR

  1. Concept-car inspired styling
  2. Hybrid engine available
  3. Each trim level is generously equipped
  4. Snazzy LED lights
  5. NCAP 5 star safety rating

Other Compact Crossovers You Can Lease

Compact crossovers are what we call mid-sized crossovers which are clearly larger than a hatchback but quite as big as larger crossovers or SUVs. This is one of the most popular segments with plenty of competition for the Toyota C-HR. The Toyota C-HR isn't the only compact crossover you can lease, here's a selection of others we recommend checking out:

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