Why choose Subaru?

Subaru is a luxury and performance manufacturer of SUVs and family cars. They've earned themselves a great reputation for their powerful engines and permanent four-wheel drive system. All of this has made Subaru a niche choice for those wanting something a bit different that will thrill them every time time they turn on the engine. Subarus are popular as both a personal lease and a business lease

Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty

Subaru don't make endless amounts of models and prefer to focus on smaller numbers - this means that availability is typically very good and you can expect a quick turnaround when leasing a Subaru. Subarus also come with free nationwide delivery, road tax, breakdown assistance and full manufacturer's warranty.

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Models and Bodystyles

Subaru makes a surprisingly broad amount of body styles:

4x4 (Forester)

Coupe (BRZ)

Estate (LevorgOutback)

Hatchback (ImprezaXV)

Saloon (WRX STi)

Related Manufacturers

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