Why you should lease a Subaru

Subaru is a luxury and performance manufacturer of SUVs and family cars. They've earned themselves a great reputation for their powerful engines and permanent four-wheel-drive system. All of this has made Subaru a niche choice for those wanting something a bit different that will thrill them every time they turn on the engine. Subarus are popular as both a personal lease and a business lease.

How much does it cost to lease a Subaru?

One of the great benefits of leasing a Subaru is that their vehicles are often more affordable than that of their competitors, like Land Rover, Jeep, and Volvo, yet they will still go above and beyond in terms of performance, style, and power. For example, the Subaru XV is one of the most affordable models, yet withholds the power and strength associated with models double the price!

Are all of your Subaru cars brand new?

Yes, they are! Like all cars we provide, your Subaru will be completely brand new, tailored to your needs to ensure that you will receive the Subaru of your dreams! 

If you’re looking for a brand new car as soon as possible, then check out our in-stock lease deals.

Will you deliver my Subaru or do I need to collect it?

Here at All Car Leasing, we offer free nationwide delivery to the mainland UK so that your brand car will be waiting outside your door at no extra cost. Check out our full guide regarding delivery here.

Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty

Subaru doesn't make endless amounts of models and prefers to focus on smaller numbers - this means that availability is typically very good and you can expect a quick turnaround when leasing a Subaru. Subarus also come with free nationwide delivery, road tax, breakdown assistance and full manufacturer's warranty.

Click here to find out more about Subaru's warranty.

Models & body styles