The Smart design and high specification are synonymous with its German parent company.
Frequent Smart car lease deals can be found across our site if you're looking for the perfect new city car contact one of our helpful All Car Leasing account managers who will guide you wherever possible on a personal lease or a business lease.

Why you should lease a SMART car

The smart brand is engineered with Mercedes-Benz and is famous for making teeny-weeny cars. The first smart ForTwo rolled off the production line in 1998 and the brand started to grow and become established. The 2nd generation smart ForTwo was released in 2007 and by 2008 the 1 millionth smart ForTwo was built marking the brand's 10th anniversary.

A gap in the market was realised by Nicolas Hayek (smart CEO) who saw the need and desire for the public to own and drive a small car which is perfect for built-up areas and narrow city streets. He essentially invented the city car/supermini sector of the market by creating smart cars.

Is it smart to lease a SMART car?

The answer is in the name. When you choose to lease a SMART car, you know that you will be driving a car from one of the first manufacturers to provide a full range of exclusively electric vehicles. Not only this, but SMART cars are incredibly affordable, and a perfect choice for both new and experienced drivers, whether it be for business or personal leasing. If you’re looking for a car brand that is a good introduction to the world of electric cars, then it’s smart to go SMART.

Is SMART a good brand?

Having a German parent company, it’s not surprising that the SMART cars are incredibly well designed, nifty little vehicles. Being the underdog of the electric car community, from the tiny Fortwo Coupe to the 5 door ForFour,  you are sure to have your expectations surpassed when you choose to lease a SMART car with us. Check out our in-stock car leasing deals if you can’t wait any longer!

Reasons to lease a SMART car

Being a compact supermini means that you get a whole lot of car for your money, as starting retail prices are relatively low, to begin with, and so monthly leasing prices will also be below, some of the lowest around so you'll get great value for money. Winning the award for City Car of the Year 2016 means you'll be driving a car that has met and exceeded safety, reliability, and economical targets meaning if it's your first car or a small family car you'll know it's safe, comfortable, and great to drive. See our Personal car leasing page for more information.

Summarised below are some truly brilliant reasons to lease a smart car:

  • Winning the award for City Car of the Year 2016 ensures your car is safe, reliable, comfortable and a joy to drive, as well as being efficient and cheap to run Low cost to lease as retail prices are for the budget/compact city car market but will hold their value well too due to the quality of the build and materials used.
  • Can opt for a Brabus smart car which is the obvious rival to the Abarth 500 and 595 with sportier looks and fine-tuned engine, which will give you the edge on the road.
  • Being built using Mercedes engineering ensures you're driving a German-built car bringing reliability, good build, and great fuel economy
  • Would make a fantastic fleet or company car so there is the option to lease a smart car for business purposes.

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